The Neopian Neggery

The Neopian Neggery

I *always* find the hidden neggs!

Negg Locations

Jelly World - Grab some Jelly to receive a Jelly Negg.

Terror Mountain - Bring your Cracked Negg to the Toy Repair Shop to receive a Snowy Negg.

Tyrannia - Buy a Dung Negg from the Furniture Shop.

Maraqua - Fish Negg, click on one of the tiny windows on King Kelpbeard's castle. Rotten Jhudora Negg, use "negg" as a secret code at the Mysterious Statue.

Virtupets Space Station - Pull the Lever of Doom.

Krawk Island - Locate the link in the Buried Treasure game.

Mystery Island - Tomb 29 of the Deserted Temple.

Faerieland - Use "negg" as a secret code in the Hidden Tower.

Lost Desert - Click on the red gem around the neck of Prince Jazan's Anubis in the Qasala Palace.

Haunted Woods - Use "negg" as a secret code in Edna's Tower.

Neopia Central - Use "negg" as a secret code in the Grooming Parlour.

Meridell - Use "negg" as a secret code at the Rubbish Dump.

Kreludor - Use the access code from the Mirror World Mystery to gain access to Kreludan Mining Corp.

Altador - Click on one of the small rocks at the Perfectly Flat Rock Quarry.



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