Geraptiku - Deserted Tomb

Deserted Tomb

Deep within the ruins of Geraptiku lies a tomb that has been deserted for eons. No one knows for sure what lurks inside, but rumours have spread across Mystery Island. Most warn of the creatures said to inhabit the ruins. They say that if you value your life, it's best you stay away.

But others tell of a massive treasure left under the protection of the tomb's many traps. If you can get past these traps, Neopoints by the ton and artifacts like you've never seen are said to be scattered throughout the tomb. So far though, those who have entered to seek such a treasure have yet to return.

What about you? You've been standing at the door of this tomb for a while now. Are you brave enough to open it? Go on. It's just a door, right? There may be riches beyond your wildest dreams waiting for you inside... if risking your life is worth finding out.

Open the stone door to the Deserted Tomb...

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