Neopets Trading Card Game - Mystery Island

    Welcome to the Neopets Hive's special guide for the "Mystery Island" expansion set for the Neopets Trading Card Game. Although there is no major plot going on with this card set, many of the cards do have significance with regards to the world of Neopia, as you will soon read.

Eithne - This evil Fire Faerie was last seen during the Mystery Island Volcano Plot from 2003. Although she acted like a friendly faerie sent by Fyora the Faerie Queen, we later learned that she was trying to raise up an enormous monster Moltenore named Moltenus. Many believe that the monster ate the Fire Faerie before it was returned to the belly of the volcano. Eithne has not been seen since.

Jhuidah - The only interesting thing on this card is the quote... "She hasn't been the same since the day she fell into her cooking pot." This is true, as her appearance has noticeably changed since the plot.

Snarling Totem, Shell Acara Totem, Wooden Kougra Totem, and Wooden Nimmo Totem - When Mystery Island was first founded, you could only access the new world if you possessed three Mystery Island Totems. Rumor has it that there are innumerable totems all over Mystery Island, although nobody knows exactly who carved them...

Tura-Kepek - This evil shaman looks similar to the one from the Mystery Island Volcano Plot. Their staffs are also quite similar, meaning that they may somehow be related.

Volcanic Eruption, Volcano, Zed Codestone - During the Mystery Island Volcano Plot, the Mystery Island Volcano mysteriously started to erupt and Red Codestones began to appear all around Neopia. Later, when the Evil Shaman responsible for the eruptions was sent away, the angry volcano subsided. Since then, a Codestone Redemption Center has been established on top of the volcano. Here, many of the original codestones can be thrown into the volcano and transformed into a single, powerful, red codestone.

Banishment - Perhaps one of the most interesting of all cards in the set, Banishment features Fyora the Faerie Queen using Jerdana's Orb to imprison the Darkest Faerie in stone for 1,000 years. The Darkest Faerie now rests at the bottom of the ocean near Maraqua. According to legend, there is a secret world on the other side of Neopia known as Altador. Altador was a magical world filled with faeries and magical Neopets, and it was ruled by Jerdana. Then, the Darkest Faerie arrived and everything changed. If it wasn't for the imprisonment of the Darkest Faerie in stone, Altador would have either been destroyed or transformed into an evil empire worse than the Darigan Citadel. The Playstation2 game set to be released in 2005 will feature Werelupes, the return of the Darkest Faerie after 1000 years, the rediscovery of Altador, and the possible destruction of Faerieland.

Kastraliss - This monster is a servant of the Darkest Faerie. According to this card, the Darkest Faerie may also strike Meridell (in addition to Faerieland and Altador). Expect to see this monster again when the Neopets Playstation2 game is released in 2005.

Meerca Brothers - Heermeedjet and Meerouladen, the Meerca Henchmen, were first employed by Malkus Vile several years ago so that he could obtain King Coltzan's Crown. When that failed, all three disappeared for a few years before resurfacing as the eighth challenge for the Defenders of Neopia. Since then, the Meerca Henchmen have been seen in the vicinity of the National Neopian Bank.

Moltenus - Moltenus is an enormous Moltenore that was imprisoned for years inside of the Mystery Island Volcano. It was almost unleashed during the Mystery Island Volcano Plot, but fortunately it returned to the molten rock from which it came after the Evil Shaman was sent away. An interesting aspect of this card is that it shows Moltenus attacking Mystery Island. Unless this is from the past, this could very well be a sign of things to come... perhaps a new Battledome opponent?

Potgatkerchi, Ruined City - In addition to the shaman Tura-Kepek, this villain and location are both new to the Neopets Universe. Perhaps all three will play a role in the future of Mystery Island...

Tagobo Potion - This potion was vital to the Mystery Island Volcano Plot. After Jhuidah was pushed into her cooking pot, she was shrunk and placed inside of a fish bowl. In order to return her to her normal size, you needed to bring her a Tagobo Potion. Once Jhuidah was free, you needed to send the potion to cocoluvr_y5 so that it could be used to restore life to the Tiki Man.

Used for making shrunk things bigger.  One use.  Keep at room temperature.Help!  Help!Used for making shrunk things bigger.  One use.  Keep at room temperature.

Gadgadsbogen, Green Grass Skirt, Yellow Grass Skirt - Gadsgadsbogen is a month-long festival held every year on Mystery Island. During this celebration, the fruits which had been growing for the past year stop growing and new fruits take their place. In 2003 during the Gadsgadsbogen Festival, a puzzle was released that required users to figure out what the guests at a party were wearing, eating, and drinking. Shortly thereafter, Grass Skirts were released as items.

Hannah the Usul - This sassy little vixen has conquered the Pirate Caves of Doom on Krawk Island and will soon be taking on the Ice Caves of Terror Mountain in the next Trading Card Game expansion set, which should be released before the new year.

Star Gazing - Sometime in the future, possibly after the 2005 release of the Neopets Playstation2 game when a revolving Explore map is set to be released, Neopets users may be able to find constellations in the stars above Neopia. This may be a prelude to that new feature.

Guess the Card - This picture features the Island Mystic and an Acara named Mora. Originally, this image was used in the Mystery Island Volcano Plot. It has been altered, however, to feature a game on the Neopets site - you guessed it, Guess the Card!

Slugawoo - For the longest time after Maraqua was destroyed, nothing lived in the rubble. Then all of a sudden, a Giant Slug appeared and tried to scare visitors away. Because the Slugawoo bears a striking resemblance to the Giant Slug, its price immediately skyrocketed in the days following the Giant Slug's appearance.

Kiko Squeeze Toy - Kind of random, but this item can only be found at the Hidden Tower, an invisible location in Faerieland that randomly changes its web address. At the time of writing this, its Hidden Tower value was 544,500 Neopoints.

When this Kiko toy was created, something bizarre happened.  It has the power to suck up and deflect ANY water attacks thrown against you!

    Here are some other quick notes from this expansion set: