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The Mirror World Kadoatery

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Welcome to the Mirror World Kadoatery! This is where Kadoaties go when their owners are on holiday. It's a nice place, but it doesn't take long for them to get lonely.

Each Kadoatie really wants an item from a location in Mirror World to make it happy until its owner returns. If you have the item the Kadoatie is looking for, enter the item code in the address bar hand it over! You'll make the little Petpet very happy, and your name will be displayed here so everyone knows how kind you are. You'll also earn 1 Kad Point if you're the first to feed a Kadoatie, and 3 Kad Points if you're the first to feed one of prince_raptor's Niptors when they stop by.

So what are you waiting for? Get in there and help some Kadoaties. You are here to help, aren't you?

has been fed!

Thanks, Fyora!
has been fed!

Thanks, Judge Hogg!
has been fed!

Thanks, Jhudora!
has been fed!

Thanks, Illusen!
has been fed!

Thanks, Prince Jazan!
has been fed

Thanks, Caylis!
has been fed!

Thanks, Jerdana!
has been fed!

Thanks, Tiki Tack Man!
has been fed!

Thanks, Sabre-X!
has been fed!

Thanks, prince_raptor!
has been fed!

Thanks, Dr. Sloth!
has been fed!

Thanks, Taelia!

-You can only feed one Petpet at a time, so if your name is already listed somewhere above, you will have to wait until it's gone to feed another.

-Please refresh this page whenever you visit for the most up-to-date Kadoatie List. An empty box means a Kad Code submission is pending.

-The Kadoatery will not refresh more than once per week. It restocks randomly.

-Point values increase by 1 if petpet has not been fed since previous complete restock!


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