These are the Battledome opponents that were either never available or are no longer available. Some still exist in the Battledome databases and may eventually be released or re-released into the Battledome. Others were going to be made available but never were.

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Character Picture Description Location Difficulty
Mutated Chia Dr. Sloth turned this poor chia into a creature of evil... ready to fight to protect its master.


Fire Faerie Using her magical fire powers, the Fire Faerie is more than a match for you. She can call on her sisters for help at any time. RETIRED 50
Earth Faerie With the power of nature on her side, this Faerie is a force for the good. She loves the Battledome as it gives her a chance to perfect her skills and fight against evil!


Air Faerie The Air Faerie has decided to come down from the clouds to fight in the Battle. She has been practicing for some time now! RETIRED 55
Water Faerie With the power of water on her side, this Faerie is a force for the good. She loves the Battledome as it gives her a chance to perfect her skills and fight against evil! RETIRED 55
Light Faerie Using the power of light to defeat the evil in Neopia, the Light Faerie has been planning her visit to the Battle Dome for some time now... RETIRED 55
Dark Faerie With the power of Darkness and all of the evil creatures of Neopia backing her the Darkness Faerie has high hopes of doing well in the Battledome!


Battle Faerie The Battle Faerie is the mystical guardian of the Battle Dome. She was involved in its creation, and has thousands of years of practice. A very tricky opponent to beat!

100 Referrals.


Galem Darkhand Galem Darkhand. Unused opponent during the "Hannah and the Ice Cave" conflict. ??
Meerca Menace Meerca Menace. (Never Released.) ??
Farlax V Farlax V. (Never Released.) ??
Soup Faerie Soup Faerie. (Never Released.) ??
Baby Shoyru This adorable Baby Shoyru will make you laugh and cry as you fight to survive his diaper rash! (Never Released.) 65
Donna Williams As lead artist for Neopets, she knows ALL the special moves! When her finger starts to glow.. I suggest you run for your life!!!

(Never Released.)

Stephanie Stephanie. (Never Released.) ??
Dr. Petrov Having lived in the Haunted Woods all his life, this reclusive genius is a very social person. He sells freaky pets for a living. Watch out however for he knows a few cunning moves! Once available in the Spooky Petpet Shop.

(Never released.)

Dr. Sloth The evil ruler of the galaxy... in his spare time anyway. The misunderstood super villain will conquer the battledome, and squash all who get in his way! Sponsor Prize.

(Never Released.)

The Missing Link Being frozen for 2000 years in the Ice Caves is going to give you one enormous headache! Don't expect this one to be an easy battle! Once available in the Ice Caves. 77
Frost Beast Patrolling the Ice Caves in the service of some unknown master, these beasts like nothing better than chasing people and roaring a huge amount! Once available in the Ice Caves. 69
Tiki Bomb Tiki Bomb. (Never released) 39
Mecha Chiazilla Mecha Chiazilla. (Never Released.) ??
Bug Brothers After the Bug Brothers eat all of your food they are ready and willing to fight you for more in the Battledome! Once available as a Random Event.

(Never Released.)

Rock It doesnt move much, and nothing is known about it... but this rock could potentially be very dangerous! Was available on Mystery Island. Replaced by Highland Chia.

(Never released.)

?? ?? (Never Released.) ??
King of Maraqua King of Maraqua. (Never Released.) ??
Edna Edna the Witch is going to use her magic spells to turn your pet into a toad (unless it is one already!)


(Original) Mutated Chia Dr. Sloth turned this poor chia into a creature of evil... ready to fight to protect its master.


(Original) Snowager The Snowager is an ancient ice worm from the Neopian Ice Caves. It breathes frost, and is incredibly greedy, sleeping all day on its pile of treasure. Redrawn. 650
Wolf Man Created on a moonlight night, the Wolfman roams the Haunted Forest in search of a tasty snack. He sleeps during the day to regain his unnatural strength. Once available in the Haunted Woods.

(Replaced by Balthazar.)

Blossom Blossom is one of the Power Puff Girls, and is certain to teach your pet a lesson! Sponsor Prize.

(Replaced by Flaming Meerca.
Never Released.)

Buttercup Buttercup has taken a break from fighting the forces of evil to compete... and boy is she going to win! Sponsor Prize.

(Replaced by Count von Roo. Never Released.)

Dexter Dexter is FAR too intelligent for your pet to beat! Sponsor Prize.

(Replaced by Harry the Mutant Moehog.
Never Released.)

Dexters Robot Constructed in Dexters Laboratory, this giant robot has multiple weapons and defences, and a few secrets up its metal sleeves. Sponsor Prize.

(Replaced by Baby Shoyru.
Never Released.)

George Jetson After a hard day at the Spacely Sprocket Corporation, George likes nothing better than to play in the Neopets Battledome. Sponsor Prize.

(Replaced by Magnus the Torch. Never Released.)

Mandark Dexters evil enemy, Mandark, plans to use every tool at his disposal, and of course his towering intellect to defeat you. Yes, he can read your mind, and yes, he is smarter than you! Sponsor Prize.

(Replaced by Shadow Usul.
Never Released.)

Credit bio_komaka for information on Baby Shoyry, Bug Brothers, Tiki Bomb, Rock, Dr. Petrov, Dr. Sloth, the Power Puff Girls, and Wolf Man information. Credit ricenoodles for picture and info on Mandark, George Jetson, Dexter's Robot, Buttercup, Blossom, the Tiki Bomb, Rock, the Wolf Man, the Bug Brothers, and the Mecha Chiazilla. Credit to sim9917 for info on the Water Faerie and Dark Faerie locations. Credit to guest_dreamchild for information on Dr. Petrov.

The Faeries
    The basic elemental faeries were available during the Faerie Leagues several years ago. They are no longer available.

How to get the Mutated Chia
    It has been reported by several sources (such as scythemantis) that the Mutated Chia was only available for a short period of time. If he does still exist, he's a very random event, but there is a very strong feeling that he is no longer available.



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