Neopets - New Maraqua

History Of Maraqua
Invasion of New Maraqua

Early in 2005, survivors of the destruction of Maraqua were discovered not too far away in a whole new city... New Maraqua! Despite a war that lasted for a while during the early months of 2005, the New Maraquans managed to rebuild their once great city, bigger and better than ever before!

Maraquan Battledome Items - This shop sells an exquisite array of weapons, many of which are made of the impressive metal Maractite, and some of which were used during the Invasion of New Maraqua.

Collectable Sea Shells - Come here to purchase beautiful sea shells for your collection.

Kelp - The most exclusive restaurant in Neopia. Getting in is completely random, as there is now way to "make a reservation." Once inside, you can select which meal you wish you buy, and then bring it home when you're done.

Maraquan NeoHomes - Click here and you'll be taken to the main NeoHomes page so that you can begin building your NeoHome in New Maraqua.

Maraquan Petpets - After the original Maraqua was destroyed, the petpets sold at the Aquatic Petpet Shop were brought to Mystery Island's Rock Pool. Fortunately, New Maraqua comes with a built-in supply of all new Petpets which you can purchase here.


Neopets - The Ruins of Maraqua

This is all that remains of the once great city of Maraqua. Long ago it was destroyed by Captain Scarblade and his merciless crew, but fortunately there were survivors who lived on to build the bigger and better city of New Maraqua.

Bubbling Pit - This is a list of all Neopet species that can be painted with the Maraquan Paint Brush.

Underwater Fishing - Bring your Neopets here once or twice a day for a little fishing. You might catch a fish, some treasure, a whole lot of trash, or maybe even a giant squid...

Colouring Pages - Coloring pages with a Maraquan theme.

Mysterious Statue - Long, long ago in a land known as Talador, the Darkest Faerie appeared and tried to conquer the most magical world on Neopia. Fortunately, the Faerie Queen, Fyora, used a powerful item known as Jerdana's Orb to imprison the Darkest Faerie in stone for 1,000 years. And so, here rests the Darkest Faerie and Jerdana's Orb... where no one will ever find her... hopefully...

Giant Slugawoo - This enormous beast took up residence in Maraqua shortly after the waters calmed. He's been making it very difficult for divers to explore the ruins of this once proud kingdom.