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We Need Your Help!!!
The National Neopian Bank and several other locations around Mirror World have been robbed by a mysterious bandit called the Jade Usul. Can you help us bring her to Justice?

The Neopets Hive Turns Five!
Can you believe it? Five years have passed since the Neopets Hive first went online. That means we're going to be celebrating all month long, so keep checking the New Features page for related updates :-)

Lady Frostbite  is on the Loose!
That's right! Think you've got what it takes to defeat Lady Frostbite and earn a shiny new trophy for your User Lookup? Then go to Defenders Headquarters and get to work! (But first, you *may* want to check out our Battledome page for more info on where to find her.)

Lutari Island Is Now Available...
That's right! Lutari Island, as well as the many special features unique to this exotic world, are now available to users who sign up for Neopets Mobile. For more info, check out our Lutari Island Article.

For Your Safety...
The Neopets Team has implemented a new, optional safety feature which provides you with an extra line of defense in case somebody breaks into your Neopets account. Be sure to create your own PIN by going here!



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Draik Eggs are EXTREMELY rare and can only be found at the Merifoods Shoppe. Once you have one, you need to take it to the Draik's Nest and wait for it to hatch.

Von Roo's Deadly Dice only works
between 12AM and 1AM, Neopian Time.
(Courtesy dog354fast)

The Rainbow Fountain only works if the Fountain Faerie gives you a quest and you complete it.

The Neopets Hive Mascot


1) NEVER EVER give anyone or any site your password or PIN, no matter what.
2) If you're in a chat room or you get a Neomail that says to send it to a ton of people so you can get a prize, DON'T DO IT! You might get frozen because of somebody else's ignorance, and it's not worth it.

If ever you're not sure about whether or not a site or offer is real, Neomail Me and I will respond as quickly as possible and try to help you :) Remember, it's better safe than sorry.



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