Well, if we add anything new to the site, you'll be sure to find it here! This is also where we'll post news and major updates relating to plots, wars, Battledome opponents, or any other random stuff that we deem "interesting."

23rd January, 2011

    Hive News

  • Updated To-Do's - We have updated the To-Do's page with some of the things that were missing. Thanks to ugachaca123 and cutie4life19 for the heads up!

16th June, 2010

    Hive News

  • Site Glitch - We apologize for the glitch many users experienced overnight. We changed a few settings on our servers, and inadvertently redirected some users who weren't using full URLs (http://neopetshive.com instead of http://www.neopetshive.com) to another site we created.

    If this problem pops up again, please e-mail us to let us know.

    We *greatly* appreciate the heads-up three of our visitors gave us about this problem, and hope that users will continue to let us know if there are any problems around the site they would like to see fixed.

19th May, 2010

    Hive News

  • Site Contact Info - In the event of a site emergency or if there are some drastic updates required on the To-Do's page (the most heavily visited page on the site now), please use the e-mail address below to contact me. Again, this e-mail is only for really important matters since I no longer have access to my Neomail account.

    Thank you all for continuing to visit the Neopets Hive!


17th May, 2010

    Hive News

  • Weekend Site Problems - As many of you probably noticed, the site was behaving erratically over the weekend and redirecting visitors to a site which claimed to be scanning your computer for viruses. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this incident may have caused and have looked into the matter, determining the cause to be a successful hack into our web hosting account. We believe we have resolved the problem, but will be carefully monitoring the site for the foreseeable future to ensure that this does not happen again.

    If you were affected in any way by this incident, please scan your computer immediately for any signs of a virus or trojan! Also, be sure to remember for future reference that, if a site redirects you unexpectedly to a page claiming to be a virus scanner, exit out of the program immediately!

    Again, I am very, very sorry for this, and hope none of you have suffered any damage to your computers as a result.


13th January, 2010

    Hive News

  • Greetings All! I know it has been a long time since I was last on here, but I did want to take a moment and let all of you know why my account has been frozen on Neopets.

    A few days ago, somebody successfully hacked into my account and stole about 20,000,000 Neopoints, plus about 40,000,000 Neopoints worth of Battledome items. Rather than risk losing the remainder of the things and Neopoints I worked so hard for, I contacted the Neopets Team and asked them to freeze my account.

    I have no idea how the person figured out both my password and PIN, but they did. Since it is unlikely they will get caught, and since I can never get back what was taken from me, I wanted to use what will likely be my last post here to remind each of you to PROTECT YOUR ACCOUNTS!

    Change your password and PIN regularly. Never fall for fake pages or offers. Never give out your password.

    I wish you all the best of luck in life and on Neopets. You have all been incredible beyond measure, and from the bottom of my heart, thank you for always supporting the Neopets Hive :-)

    The Neopets Hive

15th February, 2009

    Hive News

  • Site Update - *pokes head in* Anyone around?

    First, I wanted to apologize for what was apparently a persistent problem with how the site was being displayed over the past few weeks/months. I think I have corrected the problem, and the site should appear to be normal again.

    Thank you all for being patient with me :-)

  • To-Do's Update - Thanks to felonygirl, the To-Do's page now lists Weltrude's Toy Chest.

23rd July, 2008

    Hive News

  • Site Update - Greetings all! So you're probably wondering why the site hasn't been updated in so long, and let me start by apologizing for that.

    After graduating from college, I, like so many others, found myself out in the working world, and as a result, I don't have nearly as much time to keep up with things as I used to. Originally, I was hopeful that I would be able to balance working, being a webmaster, and having time to relax, but much to my surprise, I only have time for work :-p

    So, what does that mean for the Neopets Hive? Well, you'll be pleased to know that I have no intentions of taking the site down or anything like that. If nothing else, it will stay up as an archive so that people can continue to use whatever resources they'd like (e.g. To-Do's, Battledome locations, etc.). Unfortunately, the Defenders of Mirror World Series is going to be suspended indefinitely, and, although it may one day return, I cannot say for certain when.

    On the plus side, though, I will do my best to keep important parts of the site up-to-date if possible, but, since my free time is extremely limited now, I probably won't have enough time to keep up with all the Neomails I get on a regular basis. Again, sorry :-(

    Please don't forget the messages I spent years trying to convey: help each other out, avoid scams, and never stop having fun :-)

    Until next time,

    The Neopets Hive

  • Minor Glitch - We're not too sure why, but for some reason, the Darigan Theme we reapplied to the site is only showing up on pages we've recently edited (and the Holiday Theme is still showing up on all the rest). If we get a chance, we will look into this problem as soon as we can.







Old News

11th February

    Hive News

  • Defenders Update - Have a hard time with the third Defenders of Mirror World mission? Now you can take a look at our Guide to Mission Three!

28th January

    Neopets News


    The Neopets Team has just announced that the next major Neopets plot (which has officially started today) is the Return of Doctor Sloth!!! That plot was originally planned for a few years ago, but was postponed indefinitely when TNT was overwhelmed with too many projects at once.

    We have good reason to believe that this is going to end up involving a war of some sort, so we are going to work on our traditional speculation guide as soon as we can get our Defenders of Mirror World mission uploaded and working.

    Until then, why not check out our old Return of Doctor Sloth Guide?

26th January

    Neopets News

  • BREAKING NEWS! Our friends over at JellyNeo have just posted some exciting news about the future of Neopets! Go there now for the full story :)

    Hive News

  • Defenders Update! As many of you may have noticed, no mission has been released this month for our Defenders of Mirror World Challenge. We have been working on the Logic Puzzle all week, but because of some server errors we are currently trying to resolve, we have not been able to make the necessary changes to the site for a few days now.

    We are working as quickly as we can to resolve this matter and will post an update as soon as we can :)

24th December

    Hive News

  • All of us here at the Neopets Hive would like to wish you all a very happy holiday week :)

    Please check back later next week for the final Defenders of Mirror World Mission of the year, which, we hear, has a special holiday theme!

16th December

    Hive News

  • Mission Three of our Defenders of Mirror World Series is finally over after three days worth of headaches for our participants (we apologize for that, by the way). We hope you all enjoyed yourselves, and we suggest you check back later this week for yet another Defenders update.

  • You can now view the Mission Three High Scores Table, the updated Series High Scores Table, and the updated Overall High Scores Table.

15th December

    Hive News

  • Mission Three Update - Mission Three is almost over, so if you'd like to get your name on the high scores table for this mission and the Defenders series, we suggest you go to Defenders HQ now and try to complete this mission ASAP, as we will be closing it at 4PM NST on Sunday.

14th December

    Neopets News

  • Game Name Changes - Well, it looks like the Neopets Team has made yet another change to the site because of copyright similarities. Most likely because their titles resembled "Whack-a-Mole," all of the games in the "Whack-A" series have been retitled. Whack-a-Kass is now "Kass Basher," Whack-a-Staff-Member is now "TNT Staff Smasher," and Whack-a-Ghost is now "Ghost Bopper."

    The last time something major like this happened was when the Neopets Team redrew all of the red crosses on the site so that they were green (probably to prevent people from associating Neopets stuff with the Red Cross organization).

    Hive News

  • Mission Three Update - As of 5:30 PM NST, 10 people have completed Mission Three! That leaves 15 spots for anyone else hoping to earn some Defender points.

    From what we understand, you can now ask Judge Hogg for a hint....

13th December

    Hive News

  • Defenders of Mirror World - Mission Three has just started! Run to Defenders HQ now to see if there is anything you can do to help bring a thieving Usul to justice, and maybe you'll even earn a few points toward becoming a full-fledged Defender of Mirror World along the way!

    UPDATE! As of 10PM NST, nobody has completed Mission Three!

8th December

    Hive News

6th December

    Hive News

  • We've added a new chapter to our Newbie Guide with information about New Account Restrictions. (Special thanks to hobbittsy!)

4th December

    Hive News

  • For anyone looking for more info about Neopets Premium, we've added a new link to our Newbie Guide!

  • You can now Neomail Us for a Neopets Premium Referral!

1st December

    Hive News

  • We hope you all enjoy our new Holiday Theme!

  • Our 2007 Advent Calendar Archive is now up and running! Also, we've fixed the Archives for 2003.

  • We recently received a request for an article about New User Restrictions. Basically, people who sign up for new Neopets accounts have certain limitations on them which are lifted over time, but since we don't know what those restrictions are, we would LOVE to hear from you so that we can put that new article together! So, if you know, for instance, how old an account needs to be before it can access the Hidden Tower, or how long it takes for rare items to show up in shops, please let us know :-)

30th November

    Neopets News

  • It's that time of year again! Starting at midnight tonight (NST), you will be able to receive gifts every day in December at the Advent Calendar!

  • At some point during the month of December, the Winter Site Theme will become available on Neopets, at least to those special users who happen to unlock it. If you are fortunate enough to receive it, please let us know when, where, and how you did so that we can figure out what everyone else will need to do in order to get it.

    Hive News

  • Our To-Do's page has been completely revamped so that it's a little nicer to look at and slightly more organized. We hope you like it :-)

  • Starting tomorrow, the Neopets Hive will once again be keeping track of all of the Advent Calendar prizes, so if you happen to miss a day, all you need to do is check back here!

26th November

    Hive News

  • We've removed a few of the non-working Sponsor Links from our To-Do's page. Apparently they weren't giving out NP at all. *pokes Neopets Team*

  • Based on a recent Neopian Times Editorial, we've made a note about the Symol Hole link about how it can be used more than once per day. If anybody knows how often per day you can use it, please Neomail us.

11th November

    Hive News

10th November

    Hive News

  • Mission Two of our Defenders of Neopia Series is now over. Since it started on Monday, 72 Kadoaties and 10 Niptors were fed by 31 different visitors, 18 of whom have earned Defenders Badges for their hard work.

    Congratulations to all of the participants, especially those who have earned points toward becoming official Defenders of Mirror World!

  • You can now view the Mission Two High Scores Table, the final Mirror World Kadoatery High Scores Table, and the updated Series High Scores Table.

6th November

    Hive News

  • After weeks of receiving Neomails about having nowhere to discuss Hive events, the Neopets Hive has just launched an all new forum, hosted this year by our friends over at JellyNeo. Feel free to go there to discuss Hive events and general happenings with other site regulars, but please make sure you read the JellyNeo forum rules first.

    Some of you may remember that our forums were hosted last year by our friends over at NeoLodge, and we just wanted to make sure everyone is aware that we traditionally switch hosts every year so that both sites have an opportunity to work with us :)

  • Mirror World Kadoatery - Yet another busy day at the Kadoatery today as Defenders in Training continued their efforts to feed a petpet and earn some Defender Points. It's not too late to join in and see how you can do, though, so check back tomorrow when, rumor has it, there may be more than one complete restock... meaning people can feed more than one petpet, if they have the chance...

5th November

    Hive News

  • Defenders of Mirror World Series - The time has come for Mission Two... and this time, you're going to have to work a LOT harder than last mission if you want to earn that Badge and those Defenders Points!

    So... what have we got in store for you this month??? Why not head over to Defenders HQ and find out...

  • Also, we uploaded some new maps, so please make sure you refresh on the main pages for each world so that the new hyperlinks appear.

    *UPDATE* All of today's guests at the Mirror World Kadoatery have been fed :-) Please check back tomorrow throughout the day for additional restocks. Congratulations to all of today's participants!

4th November

    Hive News

  • Lots of little changes today. Most of Mirror World has returned to normal, so now you won't need a passcode to get into Altador, the Haunted Woods, or Faerieland anymore! Also, the images of Roo Island and Kiko Lake have been fixed.

  • We have something VERY special planned for Mission Two of the Defenders of Mirror World Series. All we can say is... it's not your typical Defenders mission, hehehe.

    Check back tomorrow for updates.

3rd November

    Hive News

  • Today, after nearly three years, we have decided to start sending Starbladez to the Lab Ray every day again. While we are very sad to no longer have a rare and elusive Ice Bori, the recent release of a Robot Eyrie has inspired us to continue our efforts to make him a powerful contender in the Battledome instead of just a cute pet. So, until further notice, Starbladez will continue to change species and colors, but you can all rest assured that one day, he will look like this:

1st November - The Neopets Hive Turns 5!!!

    Hive News

  • Five years ago this month, prince_raptor first created the Neopets Hive as a tiny little site with info about the Battledome and the Invasion of Meridell. Now, five years later, the Neopets Hive is one of the most trusted and reliable Neopets help sites on the Internet, complete with a Newbie Guide, Mirror World, and the very same Battledome archives that we proudly started the site with.

    We cannot thank you all enough for your loyalty and support over they years, but we would like to try by randomly donating over 250,000 NP to the Money Tree this month (and, we are encouraging all of you to be especially generous if you can, as well).

    It has been a pleasure maintaining this site for all of you, and we look forward to doing it for years to come :-)

  • Well, since it's November now, we guess we will have to release Mission Two of the Defenders of Mirror World Series soon. Check back early next week for updates, as we will be trying to finish it over the weekend.

  • We've uploaded the Final Solution to the Trick-or-Treat Challenge. Be sure to check it out, especially if you participated in this activity but didn't make it onto the High Scores Table.

  • The Overall High Scores Table has been updated to reflect the results of the Trick-or-Treat Challenge.

  • We've FINALLY added a new chapter to our Newbie Guide. If you've ever wondered how some people make millions upon millions of Neopoints at a time, please check out prince_raptor's Newbie Guide to Making Millions. It may not be the definitive word on making Neopoints, but it definitely has some merit, especially for new users hoping to learn more.

    If you have any suggestions for the article, please contact prince_raptor, as he would really like to make sure that everyone benefits from it :-)

  • We've removed the first two links on our Plots page since the site they linked to (NeoNonsense) is no longer available. We'll see what we can do about salvaging that info somehow and posting it here on the Hive.

31st October - HALLOWEEN!!!

    Hive News

  • The Trick-or-Treat Challenge has come to an end, just in time for all of you to dawn your spookiest costumes and venture out into the night! Muahahahaa... o_O

    Thank you all SOOOOOO much for participating in this activity and making it a success! We hope you enjoyed yourselves!

  • Did you make the High Scores Table for the Challenge?

  • Keep checking back for updates, as we will soon be adding the puzzle's solution to the Challenge section of our site. Also, we will be updating the overall site High Scores Table within the next day or so.

30th October

    Hive News

  • The final clues for the Trick-or-Treat Challenge have just been released! Think you can solve the puzzle and earn a spot on the High Scores Table? Then be sure to go there now and see if you can figure out what Sophie ended up with :)

  • UPDATE! 30 people have already solved this year's puzzle, so if you haven't figured it out yet, please make sure you do soon, since we're only allowing 50 names onto this event's High Scores Table.

    Also, please double-check your answers before sending them in! Several people have gotten five out of six items correct, and since you can only guess once, they are now ineligible to place on the High Scores Table :(

29th October

    Hive News

  • Our Links page has been completely revamped. A couple new sites have been added, and a few old sites have been removed. Enjoy!

26th October

    Hive News

  • Two more clues have been added for the Trick-of-Treat Challenge!

  • On Tuesday, we'll open up submissions to anyone who thinks they have the answer. Please keep in mind that you can only send in one answer per Neopets account, regardless of whether it's right or wrong, so make sure it's right before you send it in to us!

25th October

    Hive News

  • We've added several links to our To-Do's page which will give you free Neopoints when you find the hidden "NP" by moving your mouse around the main image on that page. (Thanks to echoeternal for the links.)

24th October

    Hive News

  • Trick-or-Treat Challenge - Even more clues have been added today! Just make sure you check back this weekend for the clues you'll need to solve the puzzle and earn yourself a spot on the Challenge's High Scores Table :-)

  • About Us - We're finally updated the About Us page. It now has some more accurate information on the Neopets Hive's history, as well as some new information about prince_raptor, himself. Enjoy!

18th October

    Hive News

  • Trick-or-Treat Challenge - The first three clues for this year's challenge have just been released. Keep checking back every day or so for additional clues, leading up to the release of the final clues next weekend. Do you have what it takes to solve this puzzle and earn a spot on the High Scores Table?

Oooo! I've been waiting forever for this!

  • Our To-Do's page has been updated (thanks to hawk400206).

8th October

    Hive News

  • Defenders Update - Mission One is no longer accepting high score submissions.

    Since two last minute Mission Codes were sent in overnight, we've decided to accept them both onto the High Scores Table. If reasonable, we will extend the same courtesy to participants during upcoming missions, since we want to give credit to anyone who finishes the plot completely before we announce that submissions are no longer allowed.

    Congratulations to everyone who was able to complete this mission in the allotted time! We urge everyone to keep an eye out for updates on Mission Two over the next few weeks :) And, just as a reminder, you do not need to beat mission one to move on to Mission Two.

  • If you were stumped by Mission One, we've just uploaded a convenient Guide to Mission One for you to take a look at. Hopefully it'll help you figure out where you went wrong, that way you're prepared for whatever Mission Two decides to throw at ya.

  • You can now view the new Mission One, Defenders Series, and Neopets Hive High Scores Tables.

7th October

    Hive News

  • Defenders Update - As of 8:30 PM NST, twenty-four people have successfully completed the plot so far. That leaves only one spot on the High Scores Table for this mission, so if you'd like to make it on, we strongly suggest you find and destroy all those Evil Fuzzles before anybody else does.

    On a related note, if you don't make it onto the High Scores Table for Mission One, don't worry! You can make up for it during Mission Two, which will most likely be released within the next few weeks. You should also know that you don't need to beat Mission One to take part in Mission Two, so don't worry about that either (although you *may* want to figure it out as practice, just to be safe).

    For new visitors to the site, the Defenders of Mirror World have begun training a fresh new batch of recruits who they hope will become official Defenders of Mirror World somewhere down the road. Each month, we'll be releasing a new mission which you'll need to complete as quickly as possible if you want to earn credits toward a promotion. After ten missions, the participants with the most Defenders Points will earn a spot on the Neopets Hive's High Scores Table.

  • Just so everyone knows, we are currently in the process of revamping both the Hive Scores table and the point system that we use for the overall site. New awards and standings will be released within the next few days.

  • Also, don't forget that we'll be releasing the first few clues for the Trick-or-Treat Challenge over the next week or two, so keep checking back for updates on that as well. The Trick-of-Treat Challenge is going to be a Logic Puzzle which requires you to use clues to figure out what everyone ended up with after a night of Trick-or-Treating in the Haunted Woods. Think you've got what it takes to figure it out?

6th October

    Hive News

  • Defenders Update - Only thirteen people have completed Mission One since its release yesterday, so everyone still has a VERY good shot at making it onto the High Scores Table and receiving a Bronze Medal for Mission One. Keep in mind that only 25 participants will be able to earn credit for completing mission one, so if you're going to attempt it, make sure it's soon.

  • Another hint for today... order is everything. And just something else to keep in mind... red-herrings are plentiful during Mission One, so be sure to thank Dr. Sloth when this is over -_-

5th October

    Hive News

  • Defenders of Mirror World Series - Mission One has just been released! Be sure to head to Defenders HQ to receive your orders!

  • Defenders Update - Please make sure you read the Rules and Frequently Asked Questions section of the Defenders of Mirror World Series Help Page before beginning the first mission and/or contacting us with questions.

  • Mission Update - Just so everyone knows, there are FOUR total Evil Fuzzles to find. The last one gives you the prize you need to speak to Judge Hogg at the end of the mission.

    Also, four hints have randomly been added to the site. No more will be given out until tomorrow, and please do not Neomail us asking for help. We cannot give it.

4th October

    Hive News

  • Defenders Update - Mission One of our new series will be uploaded at some point tomorrow once we double check everything and we add some finishing touches. Be sure to check back then for updates :-)

  • Site Theme - For the month of October, you'll be able to navigate the site using our new Halloween Theme. In November, we're probably going to revert back to the Darigan Theme temporarily, and we're currently working on developing a Winter Theme for use from December-February.

  • Trick-or-Treat Challenge - This month's other special activity (which is also part of our Fifth Birthday Celebration) will be starting sometime around the middle of the month, so we've added some additional info for everyone to browse. Be sure to check back in a few weeks for the very first clues!

29th September

    Hive News

  • Defenders Update - Keep an eye out for the first mission of our Defenders of Mirror World Series, which is going to be released at some point over the next week :) Just a quick warning... Mission 1 may end up being a little bit easier than future missions, so if you do finish it quickly once released, you can bet the next mission will take at least a little while longer...

4th September

    Hive News

  • Defenders of Mirror World, The Series - For all of you future Defenders out there, we have just completed work on what will very soon be the center of our upcoming Series. Be sure to check the new pages out for additional info, and don't forget to check back here over the next week or so as we prepare for the release of our very first mission!

3rd September

    Hive News

  • As part of our celebration of five AMAZING years at the Neopets Hive, we are very proud to announce the birth of Starbladez' little sister, Starlytes! Just like Starbladez when he was first created almost six years ago now, Starlytes is an Eyrie :-) You may also notice when watching the larger picture of her that her new Petpet, a Warf, pokes his head out of the nearby picnic basket from time to time ;-)

31st August

    Hive News

  • Defenders of Mirror World Guide - Okay, so it's been a year since the Defenders of Mirror World plot ended, and we STILL haven't finished the guide (no thanks to last year's server glitch). However, we have completed a guide for Missions 1-6 for those who are interested.

    As for those of you who actually completed the plot and remember how to beat it, we could REALLY use your help. There are three more missions in the plot that we're having a hard time figuring out. Please contact prince_raptor via Neomail with any corrections, additions, or mission walkthroughs that we could use to complete our guide. We greatly appreciate any and all help provided :)

    *UPDATE* Thanks in no small part to the invaluable help of jordans_sa, we have FINALLY completed our guide to the Defenders of Mirror World. If there are any errors that require my attention, please let me know.

    I will try and keep the Defenders of Mirror World plot up for as long as possible, but I may need to make some changes (or revert Mirror World to normal) before the DoMW Series starts in September. Keep an eye out for updates on the situation over the next few weeks.

23rd August

    Neopets News

  • Neopets Mobile Issues - Apparently some users who were hoping to sign up for Neopets Mobile on their Cingular/AT&T cell phones have been having issues when trying to sign up on the Neopets site. We're guessing this has something to do with the recent acquisition of Cingular Wireless by AT&T, so if you have an account with them and were hoping to sign up for Neopets Mobile (which will allow you to access Lutari Island and your Neopets account on your cell phone), then here is a working link for you:

Neopets Mobile on AT&T Wireless

22nd August

    Hive News

  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY JELLYNEO!!! Today, our affiliate site JellyNeo.net turns three years old!

  • Mirror World Update! We've been working very hard over the past couple days to fix a lot of problems with the site leftover from last year's uber-glitch in August, so now when venturing around Mirror World and other sections of the site, a lot fewer images should be missing. However, please be advised, many still are and we are working to remedy the situation as soon as possible.

    We're currently about half-way through with the Defenders of Mirror World guide, which is taking A LOT longer than expected to finish because, honestly, WE don't even remember how you were supposed to finish the plot! By the time the guide is finished, it won't be perfect, but it'll be fairly close to accurate for those who are curious about what they should have done. Plus, it'll definitely serve the purpose of helping people figure out how to complete a future plot, assuming there ever is one.

  • In other news, we've revamped the Hive Central page of the site and added new banners to random locations (Feast of the Faeries Scores, Defenders of Mirror World Scores, etc.). You may also notice some allusions to a couple upcoming Hive events that we've been planning...

  • On a completely unrelated topic, the Trick-or-Treat Challenge WILL happen this year. Once we restore the Haunted Woods in Mirror World to normal, there will be a link to the main page, but until then, you can access it HERE. The logic puzzle will begin in October with the release of the first few clues and is very similar in format to the Feast of the Faeries.

  • Our friends over at NeoLodge.com have revamped their Avatars section, so there is now a link to it on the Avatars page of our site.

  • Donations Closed! That's right... after years of asking for your Neopoints, we've finally decided to support ourselves :-p In all truth, we decided to close donations because we honestly feel like you, the visitor, should be benefiting from your hard-earned Neopoints, not us.

    In lieu of donations, we now ask that you consider dropping off some Neopoints or a non-rubbish item at the Neopian Money Tree from time to time for playder that are less fortunate or even less experienced than yourself.

    To celebrate the Neopets Hive turning 5, we will be donating 250,000 Neopoints to the Money Tree (50,000 NP/day for five days) in November, in addition to several other special donation days to be announced before they year's out.

    We couldn't have lasted this long without you, so thank you for your continued support of our site :)

16th August

    Hive News

  • Neopets Hive Turns 5!!! We can't believe it either! Since our friends over at JellyNeo are celebrating their 3rd Birthday this week and next, we decided to look into our age and, believe it or not, the Neopets Hive was first founded nearly five years ago! As of November, the Neopets Hive will officially be five years old, so we've decided that we simple MUST do something special to celebrate...

    Keep checking back for updates, as we are now in full planning mode for something special before the year's out. We're not quite certain what it'll be yet, but we'll let you know as soon as we figure something out.

  • You can now feed your Neopets once-per-day at the CocoaWorks Kitchen, which has been added to our To-Do's page (thank to kfinlon).

  • So today's been a very busy day for the Neopets Hive. We've been working diligently to restore as many of the lost pages on our site as possible, and thus far, we've succeeded in bringing back everything from the first two Mirror World plots and the Feast of the Faeries! At the moment, we're trying to complete our "Defenders of Mirror World" Guide and high scores table... not too sure how much luck we'll have on those fronts, but we'll keep you informed either way, so keep checking back for updates.

    *UPDATE* Believe it or not, we've actually succeeded in restoring several more previously lost pages to our site! You can now check out the High Scores for the 2005 Easter Negg Hunt, the Neopets Hive site itself, and the Defenders of Mirror World plot in 2006.

    We are hoping to complete the Defenders of Mirror World guide very soon. Fortunately, two pages of the guide have been found in-tact from last year, so now it's just a matter of finishing the last few.

    MAJOR thanks go out to the Wayback Machine for keeping an archive of the Neopets Hive (and countless other sites) since, well, way back. We couldn't have recovered those lost pages with you.

  • Thanks to JellyNeo.net, we were finally able to complete out 2006 Advent Calendar archive.

11th August

    Hive News

  • So we've received a few random requests over the past few weeks for us to complete the guide to last year's Defenders of Mirror World plot. Well, for those of you that are still interested in it, we will be working on completing it this weekend :-)

  • Unfortunately, the Neopets Team has devised a way to prevent us from posting the Defenders of Neopia comics on our site. As a result, we will be unable to post the comics for new missions on our site from now on. If, however, one of our affiliate sites gets a hold of them or we can figure out a way to get past the Neopets Team's sneaky roadblocks, then we'll be sure to let you know.

9th August

    Hive News

  • Lady Frostbite's information has been added to our Defenders of Neopia, Series 2 Guide and to our Battledome page.

7th August

    Hive News

  • We've received several Neomails from long-time visitors to the site wanting to know if we plan on hosting a Mirror World IV plot this year. While we thought about this very carefully, it seems very unlikely that we'd be able to pull off a quality plot this year, especially considering, 1) we can't give out Neopoint awards anymore per the Neopets Team's instructions, and 2) last year, our server deleted half of the images we created specifically for the contest each year, some of which could not easily be recreated.

    While we thoroughly enjoy bringing you contests each year, this year that just hasn't been possible. So, to answer everyone's questions once and for all - will there be a Mirror World IV plot this year... probably not. Will there be anything this year? We are hoping to go through with the Trick-or-Treak Challenge we originally planned for last year. While we can't guarantee anything because we're not certain what our schedule will be like in October, we are very hopeful that, at the very least, this event will happen.

    In the meantime, keep checking back for random updates and using the site for your daily to-do's and random plot/war/battledome/etc. searches :-)

18th July

    Hive News

  • We've finally gotten around to adding information about the Journey to the Lost Isle Plot to the Wars and Plots sections of our site. Also, we've completed the Tale of Woe's War Opponents page. Enjoy!

10th July

    Neopets News

  • ALTADOR CUP UPDATE - After a month of Double Round Robin play and several days of Finals, we can now decisively say that the Darigan Citadel is going home with this year's Altador Cup!!!

    Coming in second place was the always impressive team from Roo Island, and this year's Bronze goes to Shenkuu, who, no doubt, will be a MAJOR powerhouse during next year's tournament.

    Congratulations to all teams and all players for their individual successes this year, and be sure to check the Neopets site regularly over the next few weeks to see if the prize shop has opened up yet :-)

It's okay, your team beat ours last year :-)
Heh, wait until next year...


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