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Defenders of Mirror World Series - Mission Three Solution

The Jade Usul

  • Age - Unknown
  • Difficulty - Medium
  • Location - Unknown
  • Favourite Game - Trouble at the National Neopian
  • Renowned For - Robbing banks.
  • Description - Yellow Usul with a green mask and outfit. Considered very swift and very dangerous.

    Once you received the details of your mission from Lightning Lenny, your next step should have been to visit the National Neopian and look around for clues since that was the scene of the very first crime.

    I'm very, very sorry, but every last Neopoint in our bank was stolen by the Jade Usul. Have you seen her?

    Finding nothing there, you should have next checked the area for any clues. Your general assumption should have been that she had left behind a trail, so if you had visited the newly opened Petpet Shop, you would have found this:

    The Neopian Petpet Shop
    Keep your Neopet happy with a pet of its own!!!

    Neopian Inflation is currently at 2.31%
    You have 10 NP to spend.

    The giveaway here was that you suddenly had 10 Neopoints to spend, whereas you technically should not have any Neopoints in Mirror World. Follow this trail to the Neopian Bazaar and you will continue to earn Neopoints until you reach the Soup Faerie's Soup Kitchen in the Market Place. Look around there for clues and you will find this message in the source code:

    There are footsteps outside the door... they lead to the Southeast...

    Now, we realize that Neopian geography is a *little bit* messed up, since the compass on Krawk Island's map is technically pointing East according to the Explore Map, but aside from that rather odd observation, everyone should have assumed that North was up, so that means that Kiko Lake is Southeast of Neopia Central (which, while we're on the topic of directions, is not really in the center of Neopia...).

    The Neopoint trail continues through Kiko Lake and into Brightvale, where it finally stops at Brightvale Glaziers.

    Brightvale Glaziers
    Come in, come in. If you are looking for the most spectacular windows around, you are in the right place.

    Neopian Inflation is currently at 2.31%
    You have 214 NP to spend.

    Go back to the Brightvale map and view source to find a hidden location:

    Go there and give the Scorchio Robber the 214 NP that you've collected to receive information about the Jade Usul:

    Works for me!

    The last time I saw the Jade Usul, she was hiding out near Terror Mountain so she could hobnob with the other members of the Thieves Guild. If I were you, I'd look for a passage_ somewhere in the Ice Caves that leads down to their secret lair...

    From here, you should have moved on to Meridell and found that King Skarl's crown had been stolen.

    UH OH! It looks like Skarl is especially grumpy today... I wonder where his crown is...

    Once again, you need to venture into the surrounding area and see what you can find. Hopefully, you would have eventually visited the Symol Hole and received a Stone Anubis.

    Stone Anubis

    This should have pointed you in the direction of the Lost Desert, where, once again, Sutek has found a way to encrypt his tomb so that his riches would be safe (if only it had actually worked this time...). Identify the hieroglyphs posted on the wall as the Anubis Code and you will be granted entrance to the hidden vault within...

    Ugh, not again!!!

    Okay, you caught us yet again... how about we make a deal with you? You look the other way and we'll split the profits with you 50/50!

    NO?!?! Why you little... okay okay, fine, we'll put the statue back, but PLEASE don't turn us in again! We'll tell you anything you want to know...

    You tell them about the Jade Usul you're after...

    Hmmm, actually, we just saw her around here the other day. She's one tricky thief, she is. If you really want to go to the Thieves Guild to find her, then you'd better take this... unless you can fly, you'll need it!

    Rope of Thieves
    Rope of Thieves

    So now you have the location of the secret passage to the Thieves Guild and a rope to traverse it. Next, you need to venture to Altador, where the Archivist is suddenly missing a very important book. Visit King Altador to receive a special trinket which will help you identify maps with hidden locations. Take the compass to the Virtupets Space Station and it will let you know that there is, in fact, a link hidden in the source code.

    View the source to locate the hidden maintenance tunnels, and once you begin exploring them, use your compass to identify yet another page with a hidden location in the source code. This tells you exactly where the next thief is...

    Oh boy...

    Look, I'm kinda busy... they say Sloth keeps some of his most valued treasures around here, and I intend to get my hands on them!

    Now, rumor has it, you're looking for the Jade Usul. Even if you do miraculously locate the Thieves Guild and make it there alive, there's no way you'll get in there looking like THAT! Here, take this and use it well. I never found much use for it, myself, but then again... I don't look like a goodie two-shoes.

    Mask of Theives
    Mask of Thieves

    Now you have three of the four things you need to finish the plot, so go to the Ice Caves, enter the passage, use the rope to get down, and once you reach the bottom, you will be confronted by an army of Meepits.


    The Meepits can be easily distracted, you just need to figure out how. A trip to the Fishing Vortex should take care of that, so go to the Maraquan Ruins and fish up a Golden Meepit Statue. This will distract the Meepits long enough to enter the Thieves Guild. Now, dawn your Mark of Thieves to sneak past Galem and his crew and you will finally capture the Jade Usul!


    Mirror World is once again safe, thanks to you!



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