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In July and August of 2006, the Neopets Hive ran a sequel plot to our 2004 "Mirror World Mystery" and our 2005 "Return to Mirror World" plots. Known as "Defenders of Mirror World," this plot was slightly long and a little bit more difficult than previous site contests. In order to help you better understand how the plot progressed we've created this guide. Hopefully this will help you figure out how plots on the Neopets Hive generally work, and may even help you out during future Hive and Neopets plots :)

The Darkest Faerie

  • Age - Unknown
  • Difficulty - Easy
  • Location - Faerieland
  • Favourite Game - The Darkest Faerie doesn't play games...
  • Renowned For - Betraying the founders of Altador.
  • Description - Dark Faerie - pale blue skin, tattered clothes, and a magic Clasp of Darkness around her neck. She is capable of using incredibly strong magic spells, so mystical protection is a must for all who dare pursue her.

    Training Mission One started by visiting Mission Control at Defenders HQ. There, Lightning Lenny explained what was happening and directed you to your first mission profile. By clicking on "Faerieland" in the mission profile, you were sent to Faerieland and given your first passcode which, easily enough, was passcode.

    A quick trip around Faerieland revealed corrupted faeries in all the places you'd ordinarily find faeries with the only exception being the Hidden Tower. There, Fyora directed you towards Altador and in bold letters you would find the secret password for access - venture.

    Users familiar with the 2006 Altador Plot should have known that the one item in Altador which was capable of defeating the Darkest Faerie was hidden deep inside the walls of Altador. To get there, users had to visit the Perfectly Flat Rock Quarry, then click on the link in the forest which led to the Wall of Altador, then click on the very small link on the small link on the Wall of Altador, then click on the Amulet being guarded by the Spectral Minitheus. The image on the next page had the description "This goldamulet should come in handy..." Because "goldamulet" was two words combined into one, it was meant to be a passcode for later in the plot.

    Now to find the Darkest Faerie. Since the statue of the Darkest Faerie in the Hall of Heroes was already destroyed during the Altador Plot, the only other Darkest Faerie item in Mirror World (that we know of) is the Mysterious Statue in the Ruins of Maraqua. By going there and adding "goldamulet" to the web address of the statue, participants could make the statue explode and complete their very first training mission, earning themselves the End Mission passcode darkness01.


    When Training Mission Two was released, users could go to Lightning Lenny with the passcode "darkness01" to get their next mission briefing. However, since not everything in Mirror World is organized neatly into missions, Lightning Lenny sent users out in search of an Uber-Faerie Quest. Using "randomevent" as a passcode, participants would eventually come across the Rainbow Fountain Faerie by using their passcode at Kreludan Mining Corp.

    The Rainbow Fountain Faerie sent participants on a quest to find Maraquan Cream Soup. Obviously, the most logical place to find said soup is Maraqua, and since the only active link in New Maraqua is Kelp, users were expected to go there next.

    Unfortunately, you have to be VERY famous to get into the Mirror World branch of Kelp. So, users who visited Judge Hogg (using the BOSS link at the top of every page) and used the passcode darkness01 were given a nudge in the right direction for their mission. Included in his nudge is a very subtle hint for what to do next...

    Oh, and one more thing, if you run into any trouble, just mention my name. Believe it or not, I have a little pull around Mirror World considering how many times I've saved it!

    Later, when Judge Hogg disappeared and a Defenders Korbat took his place, the message changed slightly, but the hint was just as effective. So... going back to Kelp and using the passcode judgehogg, users could gain access to the restaurant. However, they'd need to ask for the item they sought to actually get it. By changing Maraquan Cream Soup into a single word, users should have created a passcode which would cause the waitress to serve them the soup. By hovering their mouse over the image (or by viewing source) users could have read the item's description and ascertain the passcode yummysoup.

    By bringing this passcode to the main quest page in Faerieland, users could have redeemed their soup for their prize - a Mystic Water Scarab with the passcode raregem.

    This was the end of Training Mission Two and the training portion of the plot.