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Once the actual plot started, using the passcode raregem at Mission Control would grant you access to Mission Three.

Xantan the Foul

  • Age - Unknown
  • Difficulty - Easy
  • Location - Altador
  • Favourite Game - Neoquest
  • Renowned For - His role in the Neoquest game.
  • Description - Slime Monster - mud-like skin, reddish cloak with lavender designs. He was once a mighty sorcerer, but was said to have lost his powers long ago. He may or may not have regained those lost power...

    If you also use the code raregem in Judge Hogg's office, you'll find that Judge Hogg is missing and, therefore, can no longer give you hints. From this point on, you'll have to look elsewhere for guidance.

    Following the link in your Mission Briefing takes you to Tainted Altador where, once again, only the passcode venture works. From there, a trip to the Archivist reveals some information about what's going on in Altador. Look closely at what he says...

    The archivist looks around and then turns back and faces you. "Your objective right now should be to find both Jerdana and Xantan... wherever you find one, the other has to be close by. Knowing Xantan, he'll want to keep a very close eye on her..."

    There's nothing more to do in Altador for now, so try looking around Neopia. Eventually you'll stumble across the Deserted Ruins, which is an ideal place for a mud monster to hide. There are 50 chambers inside the Mirror World Deserted Ruins. Room 40 contains Xantan, and if you click his eye, you'll receive the Eye of Xantan.

    Now to find Jerdana... she's locked in Room 22. Click on her shackles to access the next page, where you'll be able to use the passcode from the Eye of Xantan, evileye. Set Jerdana free, and you'll receive your End Mission Passcode - goldenorb.


  • Age - Unknown
  • Difficulty - Medium
  • Location - Virtupets Space Station
  • Favourite Game - Feed Florg
  • Renowned For - Eating petpets.
  • Description - Mutant Chia - green and grey skin, black, squinty eyes. Florg has an insatiable hunger for petpets, so if you've got one, we suggest you keep it VERY far away.

    Mission Four started after Dracodo, the Neopets Hive's mascot, vanished from the site. Using the passcode goldenorb on the Mission Control page would grant you access to Mission Four. Look closely at the address and you'll find the passcode missingniptor, which can be used in the Altadorian Archives to access a tip which, in actuality, leads to a major red herring for this mission. [On that page, the Vaeolus is clickable and comes with the passcode spicy.]

    Go to the Virtupets Space Station and click on Neopet V2. Access his program and use florg as a passcode. That will take you to Feed Florg.

    On Florg's page, it lists a whole bunch of petpets that Florg likes to eat, most of which can be found in various locations around Mirror World. Unfortunately, if you give them to Florg, he'll just eat them and nothing else will happen. The key here is the line "Florg will eat almost any petpet, in fact..."

    If you go to the Feed Florg game on Neopets, it'll tell you that Florg doesn't like to eat Slorgs.

    Go to the Attack of the Slorgs game in Meridell and you'll find two Slorgs on the page. Each one has a passcode: Slorg and Meal. Go back to Feed Florg and use slorgmeal as a passcode and he'll regurgitate prince_raptor's Niptor. Unfortunately, it's mutated...

    The Mutant Niptor comes with a passcode: mutantniptor. Take that to Lightning Lenny and he'll give you your next mission profile.

    Lab Ray Scientist

  • Age - Unknown
  • Difficulty - Hard
  • Location - Uncertain; hidden on a remote island.
  • Favourite Game - Chemistry For Beginners
  • Renowned For - Zapping scared Neopets into who-knows-what.
  • Description - Crazy Yellow Scorchio - lab coat, messy white hair, red hypno-eyes. The Lab Ray Scientist is only dangerous in close proximity to his Lab Ray... if only you could find it...

    Mission Five requires you to find the Secret Lab Ray. This is actually kind of difficult because you have to think of a way to get the Secret Lab Map.

    If you assume labmap or secretlabmap is your passcode, the only place it'll work is Smuggler's Cove. Go there, and they'll tell you to get them a Platinum Dubloon.

    The only place to find dubloons in Neopia is Coltzan's Shrine, so that's where you've gotta go next. Unfortunately, all you can get at the Shrine is a Golden Dubloon (if only we were all so lucky, right?).

    If ever you happened across the Island Mystic's Hut, his first clue says something about treasure. Using treasure as a passcode at Coltzan's Shrine will result in you getting the Platinum Dubloon with a passcode veryraretoken.

    Alternatively, you can use your Lutari Talisman and your Lucky Space Faerie Charm at the same time to make a Platinum Dubloon appear. Once you do, take it to pirates at Smuggler's Cove and they'll give you all nine pieces of the Secret Laboratory Map, which links to the Lab Ray.

    Hidden on the Lab Ray map is a link to the Petpet Lab Ray. Go there and use mutantniptor as a passcode to turn Dracodo into a Pile of Soot. Use pileofsoot as a passcode to use the Petpet Lab Ray again and turn the Pile of Soot into a regular Niptor with the passcode goodasnew.

    Mission Five is over, and you will receive your prize when you return to the Boss section of Defenders HQ: a Mystic Lightning Scarab with the passcode greenstone.