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Mirror Kass

  • Age - Unknown
  • Difficulty - Very Hard
  • Location - Haunted Woods
  • Favourite Game - Invasion of Meridell
  • Renowned For - Attempting to conquer Meridell.
  • Description - Darigan Eyrie - purple fur and feathers, black tail and mane, black soldier's uniform. Mirror Kass is considered armed and VERY dangerous!

    Using the passcode from the Orb of Ambition on Lightning Lenny will reveal your next three missions. First, defeat Lord Kass... second, save Neopia... and third, save Judge Hogg.

    After saving Jerdana earlier in the plot, you were given a secret link. Go there, click on Jerdana, and use ambitionorb as a passcode. It'll clear the Taint in Altador. Go to the Hall of Heroes, click on Jerdana, and view the source for a hidden passcode. Use it to receive Tainted Dust.

    Next, go to the Lair of the Beast, go to the end, and highlight the page for a secret link. Go there to receive a special key. Use the key on Room 13 in the Darigan Citadel to find a Broken Kass Charm. Take the charm to Donny on Terror Mountain and he'll fix it.

    At this point, you should go to Faerieland and visit the Faerie Caves. Give the Guard the Orb of Ambition, and he'll give you the passcode you need to get into the Haunted Woods. Once there, speak with Eliv Thade, solve his anagrams, and you'll be given four numbers (also anagrams). When in the right order, the numbers unlock the Haunted Coaster, where Lord Kass is hiding. Give him the Kass Charm and you'll be given a new passcode.

    Go to the Darigan Citadel to face Lord Darigan. Use the Fire Scarab on him, then Dracodo the Niptor, then the Orb of Ambition. Click on Lord Darigan as he's falling, and then use the Tainted Powder on him. He'll turn into a plushie and you'll receive the Locked Tome.

    Now go to the Archives in Altador and give the book to the Archivist. Use the Magic Key you received earlier on the book and it will open. View the source of the next page to receive a new passcode: plushnomore.

    Next you must find Judge Hogg. Assuming that he is a plushie, you must go to one of the few locations in Mirror World that *would* give out plushies... the Snowager. However, he's awake all the time now, so you need either a Lutari Talisman or the Lucky Space Faerie Charm to make him fall asleep. As a reward, you'll receive the Judge Hogg plushie. Take it to the Boss section of Defenders HQ, then use the passcode plushnomore on him (add _plushnomore after plushiehogg) save him and complete the plot.



    You have saved Mirror World yet again!



    Major thanks to jordans_sa for helping us with this portion of the guide!