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The Faeries of Neopia
Bottled Faeries

    Wandering around Neopia, you may come across any number of faeries. Faeries can be split up into several groups. Basic spell faeries are the ones that roam freely around Neopia and, when released from bottles, can bless your Neopet with special Battledome powers. Uber-Faeries are more powerful versions of the basic spell faeries. When one of these appears on the site, it's because you are being sent on a Quest.

    Then there are famous faeries that are far more powerful than most others. Illusen is an Earth Faerie who lives in Meridell and gives out one quest per day (as long as you don't do one for Jhudora first). Jhudora is a Dark Faerie who lives in Faerieland and also gives out one quest per day (as long as you don't do one for Illusen first). Psellia is an Air Faerie who once saved the life of Meridell's greatest warrior during the Battle for Meridell. Eithne is the evil Fire Faerie who once tried to awaken Moltenus, the beast within the volcano on Mystery Island.

    The Space Faerie is responsible for protecting Neopia from alien invaders like Dr. Sloth. The Soup Faerie is a charitable being who generously feeds poor (under 3,000 NP) Neopets everywhere. The Island Faerie watches over the Mystery Island Cooking Pot and makes sure that no foul ingredients are sacrificed. Taelia is the Snow Faerie who sits atop Terror Mountain and gives out quests to those who desire them. The Negg Faerie in the Ice Caves runs the Neggery, a special location that allows you to exchange weak, powerless neggs for more powerful ones! Then there's the Battle Faerie, whose might and skill in the Battledome is legendary, and the Tooth Faerie who will randomly appear around the Neopets site and give you NP.

    The Rainbow Fountain Faerie is a special Water Faerie that controls the flow of mystical waters at the Rainbow Fountain in Faerieland. By completing one of her quests, you will be allowed to paint one of your Neopets almost any color they're available in. Siyana is a powerful Light Faerie from the legendary land of Talador. Then there's the Darkest Faerie, who now sits in stone form near the ruins of Maraqua, once tried to conquer the Talador, but was defeated by the Faerie Queen, Fyora, with the help of Jerdana's Orb. Lastly, Fyora the Faerie Queen is the ruler of all faeries and the proprietor of the Hidden Tower.

    There also exists a Grey Faerie, although little is known about her at this time...