There are three different kinds of Quests in Neopia. First, there are Uber-Faerie Quests, which appear randomly around the site. Second, there are Level Quests, such as those offered by Jhudora and Illusen. Lastly, there are basic quests, which can be visited several times every day all around Neopia.

    This chapter of the Newbie Guide is broken up into three sections, one for each of the three Quest types.


Uber-Faerie Quests - Fyora the Faerie Queen, the Space Faerie, the Fountain Faerie, or the Uber Faerie of Fire, Air, Earth, Darkness, Light, or Water.

Level Quests - Jhudora's Cloud and Illusen's Glade.

Basic Quests - Brain Tree/Esophagor, Island Chef, Snow Faerie, and Edna the Witch.