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One week after the release of PART I, the final half of the Return to Mirror World plot was released. Your objective this year: Save Fyora!!!

Mission Five

Save Kelpbeard!

The only king left to be found after PART I was King Kelpbeard. A quick visit to Illusen's Glade once PART II started could confirm that this was the next mission which must be completed.

By speaking to Hagan about Kelpbeard, you would know that Kelpbeard was not liked by many pirates. This, and the "Invasion of New Maraqua" should have been a clue to explore Krawk Island. If you went to the Smuggler's Cove and used "kelpbeard" as a passcode, the Smugglers would tell you that they'll give you the king... for a price. To save Kelpbeard you'll need to locate a Platinum Dubloon. But, since the Hidden Tower is inaccessible at this point in the plot, the only other reasonable place to look is Coltzan's Shrine.

Now you have to prove that you've already saved Coltzan, since the Shrine won't work without the Spirit of King Coltzan, right? Once Part II of the plot was released, we added a special code to Golden Coltzan Statue in the Deserted Tomb. This code would grant the participant access to the Shrine and enable them to receive a special gift from the king they've previously saved.

Once you've got the passcode from the Platinum Dubloon, you'll be able to return to the Smuggler's Cove and save Kelpbeard. As a reward, you'll receive an enchanted Seaweed Necklace that grants you access to New and Old Maraqua.

Mission Six

Save the Space Faerie!

The most logical course at this point in the plot is to proceed to the Virtupets Space Station, as this is the most likely place to find a cure for the Space Faerie's ailment.

Upon arrival, visitors to the station are stopped by Neopet V2, who asks the simple question, "Don't you want to play with me?" By using either "y" or "yes" as a passcode, you'll be granted access to the first level of a special version of Spell-Or-Starve. Neopet V2 gives you a hint as to whom you're looking for in the puzzle, and once you find the name, you can use it as a passcode to proceed. There are a total of five levels in the game, with the answers being: GAROO, SOPHIXII, GORMOS, YLANA SKYFIRE, and VIRTUPETS. In order to solve the final puzzle, it helps to notice that the letter V is the only one with the "x3" multiplier. Working around that, you should be able to conclude that Virtupets is "the future."

Once you've got access to the station, things become tricky. Almost every link takes you to Sloth's Quest, with "Splat A Sloth" being the only exception. Sloth expects you to find Gorix for him. Of course, nobody would do a quest for Doctor Sloth... right? Well... some people did in fact turn in Gorix after finding him in the Kreludan Mines on Kreludor by entering the Authorization Code from last year's plot. Well, this was clearly a dead end...

If you really wanted to help the Space Faerie, you should have sought help from Grimilix, who, as always, was hiding in Secret Hatch 7B on the Space Station. He'll tell you two things. First, Cylara is hiding in a secret location on the station, and second, reversing the code will do something special. Well, if you check the source code of the page with the Virtupets map, you'll find a hidden message about the "maintenancetunnels". Once down here, two codes will work. 12d will bring you to Cylara... 25c will bring you to a killer Meepit.

Cylara tells you pretty much the same thing as Grimilix... reversing the access code to the Station will set off the Self-Destruct Sequence. Returning to the special index page with Neopet V2 and entering the access code in reverse order will yield exactly that result. After a couple pages of content, you'll be met by Dr. Sloth, who offers you a Space Faerie Token for shutting stopping the Self-Destruct Sequence. Accept his offer, and he'll give you a reward and, secretly, a passcode which can be used on Gorix, "franksloth." If you do this, Gorix will give you a Blue Grundo Morphing Potion... an item which only exists in Mirror World. Save it for later.

Now you can return to the Space Faerie and use her token to bring her back to life. As a reward, she'll give you a Lucky Space Faerie Token with yet another passcode. This passcode, however, does absolutely nothing except divert you from the real secret on this page, the passcode hidden in the page's source code. Looking closely, you'll find a message with the code "randomevent". Ironically, if you use that passcode on that page, a Random Event will appear in which you are given a Water Faerie Token for saving King Kelpbeard. Neat, huh?

Mission Seven

The Hidden Quest

At this point in the plot, only two tokens should be missing (assuming the Bonus Quest was completed, among other tasks) - the Air Faerie Token and the Dark Faerie Token. As before, you have only a few options for finding the correct person for this quest. A Bottled Air Faerie probably won't be able to help you. An Uber-Air Faerie might be useful, but that's unlikely since they only want beauty products. And, as far as famous Air Faeries go, there's only Psellia, the Air Faerie from the "Battle for Meridell" plot.

If you go to King Hagan with this hunch, he'll tell you that Psellia has sent out her minions to search high and low for Air Faerie Mushrooms in case she becomes zombified, too. This should be a clue to you that Psellia is not the one you seek. Your next best bet is an Uber-Air Faerie, and since they like grooming products, you can *probably* find one at the Neopian Grooming Parlour... if you're lucky...

Using the Random Event passcode, you'll come across a very desperate Air Faerie who'd rather shop than search. If you can find an Air Faerie Mushroom for her, she'll give you a reward.

Now, where to look? Well, if you're on a Random Event kick, you've probably tested every location in Mirror World with an underscore in the address, so you've hopefully found two additional Random Events... one in Altador which gives you a bag of Light Faerie Dust, and one while visiting the recently freed King Hagan which reveals a secret path into the purple cloud surrounding Faerieland...

Entering this dark city will yield several interesting pages, the most unlikely of which is the Discarded Magical Blue Grundo Plushie of Prosperity. Using the Random Event passcode here for the final time will cause the plushie to mutate into a frightening Malevolent Sentient Poogle Plushie of Prosperity! The only logical thing to do here is use the Blue Grundo Morphing Potion, if you'd found it earlier. Doing this will return the Plushie to his original form, for which he'll reward you with an Air Faerie Mushroom. Return this to the Air Faerie to claim your prize, an Air Faerie Token.

Mission Eight


Save Illusen!

By venturing into the Hidden Tower, you'll come across Jhudora being pampered by her new slave, Illusen. Here you will need the power of all the faeries in order to save Illusen from the Dark Faerie's grasp. By entering the passcodes from the seven Faerie Tokens in the order in which you received them, Illusen will be set free and a Dark Faerie token will be your reward :)

Mission Nine

The Faerie Caves!

Once again you find yourself face-to-face with the daunting task of navigating your way through the Faerie Caves. In order to enter the caves, however, you will first need to prove to the Kastraliss that you've defeated Jhudora. Using the passcode from her token will accomplish that easily enough.

Once inside the caves, you will be confronted with seven mazes... nine if you notice that two are hidden (the Maze of the Space Faerie and the Maze of the Snow Faerie). These caves are in a VERY specific order... land and air, fire and water, light and dark, and snow and space. Remember that.

Each maze's final treasure is protected by a Corrupted Faerie, with the exception of the Maze of the Dark Faeries, which is protected by a Faerie Thief. You can defeat each enemy by using the Faerie Tokens, although you will need your Light Faerie Dust from Altador to defeat the Faerie Thief. Once complete, you will have won nine riddles which must be solved in order to proceed past the Maze of the Faerie Queen.

*NOTE: The Parrot on the Hill's clue for this plot was intended to help you with this mission.

Mission Ten

The Gatekeeper

Each of the riddles you've won has a very specific answer, and those which might cause some confusion are longer than those which are fairly simple. If every riddle is solved in the same order as the Faerie Mazes appear (Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Light, Dark, Snow, Space), you will be left with a magical eight-word phrase which can be used to stop the Gatekeeper, who's blocking your progress in the plot.

During the plot, participants had to Neomail the gatekeeper's Neopets account with the correct code or an acceptible variation thereof. These were all of the acceptable answers, although the first is the only one which works now:

Magic doors open wide, faerie spells stand aside.
Magic gates open wide, faerie spells stand aside.
Faerie spells stand aside, magic doors open wide.
Faerie spells stand aside, magic gates open wide.

Entering the first of the above phrases in passcode form will grant you access to the Faerie Queen's Chambers and the final mission of the plot.

*NOTE: The winners of this plot were chosen based on the fastest times for successfully completing Mission Ten.

Mission Eleven

Save Fyora!

Now you come face to face with those responsible for the events which have taken place, and in a matter of moments, Fyora will be a zombie! With the last of her energy, she creates a final token for you to use which *should* help you save her and all of Mirror World. The question is, how do you use it. Well, by now you've hopefully noticed that the eight tokens form a poem, and with the ninth token, the poem is complete.

Like FLOWERS in the spring, swaying gently in the BREEZE,
Like EMBERS glowing softly, or MISTS upon the seas,
Like morning in the SUMMER, or MOONLIGHT in the night,
Like snow that SPARKLES gently, or stars that TWINKLE bright.

Its power is unending, its beauty is unique; to save a life, I think you'll find that LOVE is what you seek.

By entering the passcodes in the same order as the mazes in the Faerie Cave appear, you will have saved Fyora and completed the Return to Mirror World plot! Congratulations!!!


We sincerely hope you enjoyed our plot!
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