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In August of 2004, the Neopets Hive ran a plot called the Mirror World Mystery. In order to help you better understand how the plot progressed we've created this guide. Hopefully this will help you understand how plots on the Neopets Hive and on Neopets.com generally work.

Mission One:

Save the Snowager

The Mirror World Mystery first started when a duplicate Neopia appeared on this site. The alternate Neopia was identical to the real one in that there was a map to every single world. The only difference is that there were no links to any locations. A few days later, Jhudora's Cloud appeared... then Illusen's Glade... then other locations. That's when the first really bizarre thing happened - The Snowager and the Turmaculus were found in their miniature forms, a Snowickle and a Turmac.


Huh? Something has happened to the massive treasure of the Snowager and has transformed him into a Snowickle!

Wait a minute! This isn't the great Turmaculus! This is a sleeping Turmac!!! What's going on here???

Over the next week or so, many more locations began to appear around Mirror Neopia, but nothing was out of the ordinary for a while. Then more strange things began to happen.... The Brain Tree and Esophagor stopped giving quests, Mystery Island started experiencing tremors, and all of Neopia's most powerful Battledome items and potions went missing. Neopia was in a state of panic.

If you travel to Krawk Island, then a visit to the Swashbuckling Academy may be worth while.

Argh... I know nothing about no plot!
Ask the Grundo in Room 109!

This is a famous Grundo from the Neopet V2 plot who now knows all the words to his favorite song. He tells you to check other rooms, but the only other occupied room in the Academy is the one with Plumbeard in it, Room 110.

What are ye doing here, mate? Argh, no matter. I be wonderin' if ye saw the flash of purple light over the ruins of Maraqua the night before last. T'was a frightening thing, for sure. There be no doubt in me mind that one of them Dark Maidens be responsible for it. 'Tis not a natural thing...

I suggest ye pay a visit to the Darkest Maiden and see if she still be at rest in the slimy deep...

If you go to Maraqua and visit the Mysterious Statue, you'll find that it's missing... how strange... So basically, this is when Jhudora stepped in:


'Well, I never thought I'd find myself here!
Hmmm, I guess I have no other choice...
I need your help, and no, it's not for a quest.
You see, there have been some strange
things happening around Faerieland.'

'The Poogle Racers have stopped racing,
the Rainbow Fountain has run dry again,
and the Healing Springs have begun damaging Neopets.
Whoever is responsible for this,
they are FAR more evil than even I am!'

'You had better go see Fyora immediately!
Only she has the power to stop whoever
is responsible for these recent events.
Hurry, there isn't much time!!!'

Unfortunately, by the time you get to the Hidden Tower, it's too late... Fyora is missing. That's when you return to Jhudora for further instructions.

'What do you mean Fyora's gone???
Hmmm, I don't like this. Not at all.
I fear the worst...'

'You! Go and search around Neopia!
See if you can find any clues
as to the disappearance of our Queen.
If someone has taken her,
then they are more powerful than I.
We will most certainly need help to stop them...'

'I suggest you start by speaking to the Negg Faerie!
They say her business has suffered since the Snowager
was transformed. It's as good a place to start as any.
Well, what are you waiting for??? GO!!!

Jhudora sends you to the Neggery, located in Terror Mountain. This is where you receive your first mission.

What? The Snowager is now a Snowickle?!?!
And his treasure was taken too???
This is very very bad for business!
Whenever someone gets a Negg
from the Snowager, they bring it here!
Without the Snowager's treasure,
I'll go out of business!

Even worse, with my many neggs
and the Snowager's negg treasure,
a person or Neopet could become insanely powerful!
I can only think of one person so greedy...

Ever since Kreludor was discovered,
I was afraid of his return.
And now that this has happened,
I fear the worst. There's not telling
what Dr. Sloth, or anyone for that matter,
will do with so many powerful Neggs.

Well, I usually do not give out quests,
but it looks like the time has come.
Go! Find who's responsible for all of this
and report back to me with their location.
You can rest assured that I will personally
see to the punishment of whoever's involved!!!

Searching around Terror Mountain, you find only three people - the Negg Faerie, the Snow Faerie, and the Scratch Card Kiosk Wocky. All three say that they assume Dr. Sloth is responsible, however the Scratch Card Wocky gives you the only REAL clue:

I'm so sorry I've been gone for so long!
I had just gone out to lunch when I passed
by the Snowager's Cave.

Usually, I look in quickly to see if he's asleep yet,
but he never is. I guess he doesn't fall asleep until
right after I get back from lunch... weird...
but anyways...

As I was walking by the other day, I saw something
really unusual. A dark figure was standing over a
poor helpless Snowickle in the Snowager's Cave.
The Snowager's treasure, and even the Snowager,
were nowhere in site.

I know that everyone thinks that Dr. Sloth is involved
in this, and I wouldn't be surprised if he was. I just
can't be sure, though. I didn't get a good look at the person
or thing, but whatever it was, it left the Ice Caves in a hurry
and darted off into the sky.

I guess it would have to be Dr. Sloth...
After all,
they flew straight up into the sky,
and that's where they say Kreludor is... right?

Notice she says "they FLEW straight up into the sky..." Dr. Sloth cannot fly unless he's got a ship, but the Wocky didn't mention that. So, there's only three places the person could have gone: Kreludor, the Virtupets Space Station, or Faerieland.

Taking everyone's advice, you travel to Kreludor. There are three hidden locations here: Some Debris, a Boulder, and a Rock Formation. In all three locations you learn something useful.

Hiya! Have you been snooping
around that weird new mining facility, too?
I was just there. Some machine guy that looked
like Dr. Sloth went over to the robot dude and
said something like 455, but I only caught the end.
Maybe you should ask around and see what you can find.

This little purple guy who's hiding behind a boulder tells you the final three numbers of the Authorization Code for the Kreludan mines. Then there's another purple Grundo hiding on Kreludor behind a large rock formation. He's got some valuable info, too! Zorlix is the leader of the Purple Grundos, an enemy of the Orange Grundos. He gives you the first three numbers of the Authorization Code.

Can I help you???

I don't know what's going on here,
but I don't like it! One second I'm on
Kreludor getting ready to fight those rotten
Orange Grundos... the next, I'm stuck on some
mirror version of the moon worrying about Dr. Sloth
and his invasion forces! Ever since this alternate world
was created, that Mining operation
has been working overtime.
If Dr. Sloth gets his final shipment
of Kreludan metal, we're all in
deep, deep trouble. Hey, you should
go and see if you can sneak
into the mines. I overheard the first
part of the authorization code.
It was something like 725, but there
are ten numbers total. I suggest
you try and find the other numbers
before its too late.


Lastly you find Gorix, a character from the "Return of Dr. Sloth" expansion set, sifting through some debris.

Ummm, hi! I'm Gorix!
I'm just trying to see what
I can find in this debris. From the
looks of it, this all must have come
from a Virtupets Fighter that crashed
on Kreludor. Hmmm, there's nothing of
any real value here. But hey, if you want
more information, I suggest you seek out Grimilix.
He's an old servant of Dr. Sloth that hides inside
of the Virtupets Space Station. If you can find out
which Secret_Hatch he's in, I'm sure he'll have some
useful info for you. If I were you, I'd find out where he
was last seen and start there!

Now, I wonder what's over there...

Gorix gives you some VERY good advice. He tells you to find Grimilix, a maintenance Grundo from the Neopet v2 plot on Neopets.com. If you notice, the words "Secret" and "Hatch" are both capitalized and if you highlight both words, you'll notice a hidden underscore symbol, _. If you just go to the Space Station and make the address space/secret_hatch.htm, you'll come to a page which basically says that there are tons of secret hatches and you need to be more specific. Going back in history, you'll find that Grimilix used to hide in hatch 7B. Changing the address to space/secret_hatch7b.htm, you'll get this:

The hatch opens, and a strange, scared-looking Grundo pops his head up.


The startled looking Grundo takes one look at you, and says 'What?!?! Not again!!!'. You explain your situation calmly.. and slowly...

After a moment's silence, the strange Grundo looks up at you with a bewildered look on his face. 'What are you talking about? Whatever's going on, it has NOTHING to do with Dr. Sloth. Only Neopia, the Space Station, and the Moon exist in this bizarre mirror universe. For whatever reason, neither Sloth nor the Space Faerie were duplicated when everything else was. Otherwise, one of these sensors would have detected them! You'd better go check somewhere else for your villain, because he, she, or it isn't on Kreludor or the Space Station. But, just in case you need my help in the future, take this!'.

And with that... he vanishes back into the maintenance tunnels...

Grimilix tells you that Dr. Sloth cannot be responsible for the spell on the Snowager because he wasn't duplicated like everything else was. This is supposed to prevent you from continuing your search for Sloth and hints that you should search Faerieland instead, if you caught the Scratch Card Wocky's hint.

There's only one other thing on the Virtupets Space Station, Neopet v2. Once there, you realize that you can search for the final portion of the Kreludan Mining Corp. Authorization Code. When you ask Neopet v2 to search, though, he becomes suspicious. The only way you can get him to cooperate is by using the Deactivation Code from the Neopet v2 plot on him.

03 59 58 11 41 94 84 19 31 66

Adding the long code sequence to the address of this second Neopet v2 page scares him into giving you the middle four digits of the Authorization Code: 9981. Now you have to go to the Kreludan Mining Corp. and add the ten digit code to the address. That brings you inside of the mines where two robot miners are waiting for you.

On the second page of the Kreludan Mines, a RANDOM EVENT brings the Fountain Faerie to you. She gives you a secret code (920n) to get into the Faerie Caves, a location in Faerieland closed long ago by Fyora. This is your second clue to go to Faerieland. Then on the third page, the picture of the two miners has a secret link hidden in the picture. When you hover your mouse over the picture, it gives you the address of a hidden page where the two robots discuss Dr. Sloth's secret location in the Virtupets Space Station. If you had found Grimilix, you'd know that this is a dead-end search. If you actually do go to the page referenced by the two robots, you'll end up at space/mindcontrollab47.htm, and you'll find nothing but an Evil Sloth Clone.

Moving on to Faerieland, you notice that the Healing Springs are no longer operational. There's no real help here... yet. The only other location that's active is the Rainbow Fountain. Here you see the Rainbow Fountain Faerie once again.

All the magic has gone :(

I'm sorry I haven't been giving out Quests lately, but without Fyora, the magical waters have permanently stopped being magical! If only Garon was still around to protect her, maybe she wouldn't have disappeared, but he hasn't been seen in Faerieland since Fyora closed the Faerie Caves 102 years ago when he mastered her maze game! They say he went back to the Ice Caves after Fyora gave him his prize, but that was ages ago... maybe you should go see if he's still there!

The Fountain Faerie tells you to search for Garon in the Ice Caves. During Part I of the plot, this link was not available on the Ice Caves map. Astute puzzle-solvers would have had to realize that Garon could probably be found at winter/garon.htm. If they searched there, they would've found that they were right!

In a far corner of the Ice Caves is a small tunnel. Moving through that tunnel, you come across a very old Lupe named Garon.

Defensive Yellow Lupe

What are you doing here??? I haven't seen anyone in this part of the Ice Caves in years. I came back here after I defeated Fyora and all of the other Faeries in Faerieland. Ah, those were the good ole' days, but you can't get back there now. Fyora closed all seven levels of the Faerie Caves after I left. Each level has its own passcode (they used to have keys until Fyora upgraded the security). I used to remember the passcode to get into the Faerie Caves just in case I wanted to go back, but I've forgotten it since. All I remember is that it's a number that changes with every year that goes by.

If you can figure out what the passcode is, then I guess you'll have free access to the first level of the Faerie Caves. There are seven mazes inside that you'll need additional passcodes for: An Earth maze, an Air maze, a Fire maze, a Water maze, a Light Maze, and a Dark Maze... good luck finding a Dark Faerie who'll give you the password to that! Once you've got all six passcodes, you'll have the combination to the Faerie Queen's Maze. That location is the most secret area in all of Neopia, and it's VERY difficult to get to. Only the most powerful Faeries have the passcodes, so be careful who you ask. If you make them angry, they might not tell you.

This page had to be updated SEVERAL times because nobody could figure out exactly what Garon was talking about. Few people realized that his comment about the code, "it's a number that changes with every year that goes by..." is a reference to the Fountain Faerie's statement about how the Faerie Caves were closed 102 years ago.

If you go to the Faerie Caves in Faerieland and add 102 to the address, you'll find exactly who's responsible for the spell on the Snowager, and it ain't Dr. Sloth!

You enter the passcode needed to enter the Faerie Caves. A crystal door opens and you walk inside. You find yourself in a bright chamber with one enormous door and six smaller doors (three on each side), each painted with a different color. As you enter this magnificent chamber, you hear something ahead of you. You're frightened, but can't turn around... dark magic has blocked your path back to the entrance! You continue, only to find yourself face to face with a Dark Faerie!

Silly little brat!

What??? How did you get in here???
Scam before I put a nasty little hex on you!!!

This cozy little character is one of the three Dark Faerie Sisters. This should have been your clue that there were at least two other Dark Faeries involved in this plot. At the bottom of the page, a link leads you back to the Neopian Neggery where the Negg Faerie asks you to check on the Snowager while she takes care of the Dark Faerie you found. When you click on this new link to the Snowager, you find him in a very foul mood!

The Snowager is back to normal!!!
Excellent work!

He looks mighty angry...
while he goes to get his treasure back
you'd better go see what's going on
Inside of the Volcano on Mystery Island!

Oh, and by the way... you may need this password on your next mission:


And just like that, you've completed MISSION ONE of PART I of the Mirror World Mystery!!!


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