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A few days after the release of PART I of the plot, PART II was released. Your objective: find the remaining codes for the Faerie Caves by any means necessary.

Part Two:

Infiltrate the
Faerie Caves

To start off PART II of the plot, you have to immediately proceed to the Brain Tree and complete his quest.

The Brain Tree booms 'Who imprisoned Illusen??? Answer that, and you'll be WELL rewarded!!!'

This is your chance to figure out what's going on. Give the Brain Tree the right answer, and you WILL be well rewarded... bring him a wrong or incomplete answer, and a harsh one-hour penalty may be your punishment! I strongly suggest you know what's going on before returning with your answer...

As always, the only way to answer the Brain Tree is to go to the Esophagor.

The Esophagor's first request is Meuka Drops. The clue here is "Meuka," a character who can only be found as a Battledome opponent when you get sick. If you go to Neopia Central and visit the Neopian Pharmacy, you can ask the Elephante Nurse about Meuka Drops by creating the passcode "meukadrops" and adding it to the address.

Welcome to the Neopian Pharmacy
At the pharmacy you can buy booster shots, medicine and cures to make your pet feel better when ill. Diagnose your pets illness first at the
Neopian Hospital.

You're in luck! A Neopet was in here this morning
with a bad case of the NeoFlu. After Meuka jumped
out and scared the poor Neopet half to death,
I found these:

Eww gross, you cant honestly expect your pet to eat this!

Click on the link provided by the Meuka Drops and you'll return to the Esophagor, who gives you only half of the answer you need: "The Darkest Faerie." Almost everyone forgot that you must do TWO Esophagor quests to answer the Brain Tree's questions. So, if you change the first Esophagor Quest page's address from "quest1" to "quest2," he'll ask you for a Gnome Shroom. Well, since Jhudora isn't around to give you one, your next best bet is Kauvara's Magic shop. Unfortunately, she knows nothing about Gnome Shrooms, but suggests you visit another Magic Shop. Only Kayla in Meridell has a magic shop comparable to Kauvara's, but she only says that Gnome Shrooms are "rubbish." If you go to the Rubbish Dump and add "gnomeshroom" to the address, the Meridell Rubbish Dumpkeeper will give you one.

The Meridell Rubbish Dump

Just outside of Meri Acres farm is a big pile of rubbish - it's where people go to get rid of stuff that has started to smell SO bad they don't want to be near it any more. Have a look through, you may find some exciting stuff!

The Rubbish Dumpkeeper says, 'Oh! I saw one of those the other day... let me see... ah, here it is!"

This shroom is said to be magical and at the right time of day turn into a gnome for a little bit, but no one has proved it true yet.

Once again, if you click on the Gnome Shroom you will return to the Esophagor and he will give you an answer: "in Faerieland, Jhudora." Now you have both answers and, originally, you could Neomail the Brain Tree your response. However, the Brain Tree eventually grew tired of receiving Neomails with the wrong answers and his main page was altered so that a secret code could be used instead, thedarkestfaerieinfaerielandjhudora.

The Brain Tree booms 'I should have known...'

The Brain Tree reaches forward and grabs from you the Bottled Earth Faerie you found in Illusen's Glade...

Help! Let me out of here!!!

The Brain Tree booms 'Do you want me to release this faerie?'

If you have the Brain Tree open the jar, this happens:

The Brain Tree uses his powerful magic to break the spell placed on the Bottled Earth Faerie. In a flash of green light, Illusen appears...

I'm freeeeeee!!!

That rotten Jhudora was behind this???
I'm surprised, but I shouldn't be... Well,
at least my counter-spell on her worked
and turned her into a Bottled Dark Faerie!
I thought I had missed, but then again,
I was expecting Balthazar, not her!

Well, as long as you keep her in that bottle,
I'm happy! If you have any questions for me,
I'll be happy to answer them for you. It's the
least I can do after you saved me from that bottle!

And with that, Illusen flies off back to Meridell!

Illusen mentions two interesting things here. One, she thought her spell missed. Two, she mentions Balthazar. She also says that she will answer any questions you have for her, which becomes VERY useful later. Your next move should be visiting Illusen's Secret Glade and finding out as much information as you can. Here are the phrases that will work on her: secretcode, airfaerie, firefaerie, darkfaerie, waterfaerie, lightfaerie, faeriequeen, jhudora, darkestfaerie. If you use "secretcode" on her, she'll give you the passcode for the Maze of the Earth Faeries, 644s.

Next, visit Balthazar via the secret link on the Haunted Woods page.

I don't appreciate intruders...
How's about this:
Tell me what you want in Two Words
or less, or GET OUT!!!

The two words that will work on him are "freejhudora."

You actually expect me to FREE a faerie???
Well, if it was any other faerie, I probably wouldn't...
But Jhudora will kill me if I don't release her
and she gets out later. Hmm, alright,
give her to me.

You grab the Bottled Dark Faerie and hand it over the Balthazar...

 Hey! You! Get me out of here this instant!!!

Are you SURE you want to free Jhudora from this bottle???

If you say yes, then Balthazar says this:

Hmmmm... it seems as if even I cannot
open this one... at least, not without a relic from
a powerful Light Faerie... but, where would you get
one of those??? Perhaps there's still some treasure
hidden in one of those old Faerie Caves that my cousin,
Garon, mastered 102 years ago! If you find anything,
bring it back to me and I'll have this bottle open in no time!

Hey! You! Get me out of here this instant!!!

You return the Bottled Dark Faerie to your inventory and leave... now, if only you could figure out where a powerful light faerie can be found... THAT will be a real challenge...

To proceed, you must find a powerful Light Faerie. A random page feature we threw in can be found in Lord Kass's room. If you go back and add "_secretcode" to the address, the Light Faerie will give you an attitude, but other than that, she's doesn't give any good information. If you go to the Wheel of Excitement and use "secretcode" on them, they tell you that you should search in the "land of magic." This is a reference to the mythical world of Talador which is supposed to be released in 2005, and is supposedly located on the other side of Neopia. If you go to Jelly World, you'll find another clue at the Giant Jelly.

The Jelly Keeper says 'This isn't the only hidden world on Neopia, you know...'

This is also a major clue that you should be looking for Talador. Your final clue about locating this faerie comes from Illusen.

You ask Illusen about the Light Faerie...

Hi there!

History teaches us about a faerie
that rivaled the Darkest Faerie in power.
Her name is sacred, if you know it, and only
she can give you the secret code you seek.

Illusen is referring to Siyana of Talador, the most powerful Light Faerie in Neopian History. She also says that her name is sacred. If you go to http://www.neopetshive.com/Hive/talador/index_siyana.htm, you'll be given the code you seek, 428e. Proceeding into the Maze of the Light Faeries.

You enter the passcode for the light level of the Faerie Caves. This is the fifth level of the Faerie Caves, which must be beaten in order to get to the Maze of the Dark Faeries. A bright, yellow door opens and you walk inside. You find yourself in a bright, beautiful maze with some torches, some decorated boulders, and a few empty treasure chests. As you move through this maze, you notice a wall of light is preventing you from turning back. You eventually find your way to the exit where you find a golden bag waiting for you... this must be a gift from Siyana for making it through her maze...

A little bit of Faerie Dust may change your Neopet forever!

You hastily pick up the bag of Light Faerie Dust and contemplate where you should go next...

At this point, you proceed through the door and you'll find yourself back at Balthazar.

Hey! You! Get me out of here this instant!!!A little bit of Faerie Dust may change your Neopet forever!

Once again, you hand over the Bottled Dark Faerie to Balthazar, and he motions for you to give him something that'll help him open the bottle. You hand over the bag of Light Faerie Dust. Balthazar sprinkles some dust onto the Bottled Dark Faerie and...

Dark Faerie
Well it's about time!!!

What's this??? That's not Jhudora!!!

I can't believe you fell for Jhudora's trick!
They teach us all about stuff like this
at the Dark Faerie Elementary Neoschool!
What a sucker you are!


After Jhudora trapped Illusen,
she didn't want anyone to find out it was her,
so when she noticed me spying on her, she got
one of her clever little ideas and stuffed me inside
that bottle! Can you believe she did that to her very
own sister? In a deep, dark, scary kinda way...
I'm proud of her! But that's beside the point!

The fact of the matter is, Jhudora's lost it.
She knew that Friday the 13th was the 1,000
year anniversary of the Darkest Faerie's
imprisonment in stone! Every millennium,
certain spells must be recast or else they'll
stop working. So, either Jhudora is working
for the Darkest Faerie... or the Darkest Faerie
is working for Jhudora...

You MUST find out what's going on!
Here, take this!


I'm giving you the final code
you need to get into the Maze of the Dark Faeries.
If you can get through it, then you'll be taken right
into the Maze of the Faerie Queen. I have no doubts
that Fyora is being held prisoner there...

Go quickly! This puzzle is almost solved!

This is perhaps one of the biggest surprises in the plot... until...

You enter the passcode for the sixth level of the Faerie Caves. A purple door opens and you walk inside. You find yourself in a very dimly lit maze with large boulders, few torches, and more empty treasure chests. As you move through this maze, you notice that more dark magic is preventing you from turning back. You find this maze especially difficult, but eventually find your way to the center where a large throne and a secret door are standing. At first, you can only see the back of the throne, but as you move quietly along the walls, you notice the horrid creature sitting in it...

Well aren't you clever...
you've uncovered my little secret!
Well, I suppose congratulations are in order.
(Not like you'll be getting any from me!)

I suppose I should be angry with you,
but there's nothing you can do to me.
It's not like I am responsible for this plot
in the first place... I'll bet you'd like to know who is,
though, wouldn't you...

Well, you won't find out unless you find the other
Faerie Caves codes! Once you get them,
I think you'll find an interesting pattern in the letters.

Create a word from the letters
and use that as a primary code.
Create a larger code from the numbers
in the same order as the letters.
Put faeriecaves in between,
add an .htm and...
well, that'll be your surprise!!!

Now you must find any of the codes you are missing. To recap, this is where each of the codes can be found up until this point in the plot:

Water Faerie - Kreludan Mining Corp. (Mission One)
Fire Faerie - Tyrannian Volcano (Mission Two)
Earth Faerie - Illusen's Secret Glade (Part II)
Light Faerie - Talador (Part II)
Dark Faerie - Balthazar (Part II)

The final faerie you need to find is the Air Faerie. Illusen tells you that only Uber-Air Faeries know the secret code for that level of the maze. Also, when she speaks, she says "airfaerie," meaning that you should search using that password. Since Air Faerie Quests involve Beauty Products, you should go to the Market Bazaar and visit the Neopian Grooming Parlour. If you use the password here, then an Uber-Air Faerie will appear.

Ugh! Not you too!
Here, just take it!
I've got cosmetics
to buy!


If you put the codes in order so that the letters spell "queens," you'll be taken here...

You enter the final passcode for the final level of the Faerie Caves. A large, magnificent purple door opens and you walk inside. You find yourself in the most beautiful of all mazes, filled with faerie lanterns, enormous crystal sculptures, and endless piles of treasure in exquisite crystal chests. As you move through this maze, you notice a crystal wall is preventing you from turning back. Finally, you find the very center of the maze and are astonished by what you see...


Well, we'll let you see what happens for yourself...


We hope you enjoyed out little plot!
Maybe in the future a new Mirror World Mystery
will need to be unraveled, so keep checking the
New Features page for updates on the condition
of Alternate Neopia.


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