Neopets - Shops and Auctions

Your Inventory

    There are thousands of items around Neopia, so it's a good idea to know how they all work. Hopefully this chapter will help you get a better idea about how to find, use, and protect your precious items.

Getting Items

    When you first start on Neopets, you have the option of accepting a Newbie Pack. This gift from the Neopets Team comes complete with your very first items! There are many ways to get items around Neopia, including buying them in shops, finding them as a result of Random Events, or as prizes for daily to-do's, quests, or games. All of your items immediately go into your inventory. From here, you can do almost anything with them, although there are some exceptions which we'll cover later.

Using Items

    There are two ways to move your items. The fastest way to move more than one at a time is to select Quick Stock from the list of links near the top of your inventory. On this page, you can select where you want certain (or all) items to go. Your options are your Safety Deposit Box, your shop, or the Money Tree. If you select "Discard," that item disappears forever, and if you don't select anything, that item will stay in your inventory.

    Another way to use your items it to click on their pictures in your inventory. This will cause a new window to open with a picture of the item, a description of it, and a list of options. At this point, you can use the item, put it in your Safety Deposit Box, discard the item, donate the item, put the item into your shop, give the item to one of your Neofriends or another use, or you can put it up for auction.

Protecting Items

    Random Events can be both good and bad. At one point or another, you'll probably come across as piece of the Secret Laboratory Map, which sells for over 50,000 NP. At other times, you may get a visit from the Pant Devil who will randomly steal an item from your inventory. In order to protect your items from such events, as well as the occasional Neopets glitch which supposedly causes items to magically vanish overnight, you should always put your most valuable items either in your shop or in your Safety Deposit Box. Here, no Random Events will ever harm them.

Selling Items

    There are three ways to sell your items to other Neopets users. First, you can open a shop and then sell the item there. Or, you could select "Put up for Auction" from the drop down menu that appears whenever you select an item in your inventory. This allows users who might want your item to place bids on it, sometimes resulting is more of a profit than you might normally get, sometimes resulting in a loss of Neopoints, and sometimes your item just won't get sold (in which case, it returns to your inventory within a short amount of time). Lastly, you can go to the Trading Post and put one or more items into a lot. Doing this allows you to tell other users what kind of items or how many Neopoints (or both) you want in exchange for your item(s).

Item Types

    There are dozens of different types of items around Neopia. Each can be found or won in different ways. Here's a brief overview about the different types of items, as well as some info about them and where they can be found.

Armour - Can be purchased at the Defense Shop or user shops. Used in the Battledome to prevent damage to your Neopets.
Beauty Supplies - Can be purchased at the Beauty Salon. Used to increase your Neopet's happiness. Often requested by the Uber-Air Faerie when she gives you a quest.
Books - These can be purchased in shops or won as prizes in different contests or activities. Read these to your Neopets to increase their intelligence. Often requested by the Uber-Water Faerie when she gives you a quest. Can only be used once.
Clothes - Don't do anything. Sold only for collectors or quests (especially Uber-Fire Faerie Quests). Can be purchased at the Uni's Clothing Store.
Coconuts - Special totems that are collected and stored in your Stamp Album. Can be won from the Coconut Shy game.
Coins - Collectables that can be purchased at the Coin Collector's Shop. Used to fill in pages of your Stamp Album.
Food - Used to feed your Neopet. Can also be used to complete quests. Can be purchased in shops, won from activities around the site, or found via Random Events.
Furniture - Used to decorate your Neohome.
Gardening - Used to decorate the outside of your Neohome.
Map Pieces - Find all nine pieces of a hidden map and win a prize, or sell the pieces for a major profit! Can only be found via Random Events, and can only be purchased from other users. Completing the Secret Laboratory Map gives you access to the Secret Lab Ray, but once you complete a map, all nine pieces of it disappear.
Medicine - Used to cure your Neopets of illnesses.
Merchandise - Won from various Neopets activities. Some have no real purpose, others can be used to decorate your Neohome.
Paint Brushes - Use these to paint your Neopet or Petpet different colors at the Rainbow Pool. Can be won as prizes for different contests or activities. Can only be used once.
Petpets - Can be purchased at various petpet stores. Can be attached to your Neopets as companions. Used to access certain activities on the Neopets site, such as Turmaculus, the Petpet Arena, and the Symol Hole.
Petpetpets - Can only be found via Random Events. Can be attached to your petpets as companions.
Potions - Used to restore health to your Neopets, sometimes in the Battledome, sometimes outside of the Battledome. Some potions can be used as weapons. Can be purchased from various stores or won from quests and contests.
School Supplies - Can be purchased at the Back to School Store. Have no real purpose unless Neoschools are eventually released.
Scratchcards - Can be purchased in the Ice Caves, the Deserted Fairgrounds, or the Lost Desert. Scratch six out of nine spaces and you may win one of several possible prizes!
Scrolls - Can be purchased in stores or won as prizes. Some can be used in the Battledome (once, a few times, or multiple times), while others can be read to your Neopets (but will disappear).
Stamps - Purchased at the Stamp Kiosk. Used to fill up pages in your Stamp Album. Cannot be removed from your Stamp Album.
Totems - Originally used to access new worlds on Neopia. Now these are just collector's items.
Toys - Used to increase your Neopet's happiness. Can be purchased at the Toy Shop. Can be broken. Some can be repaired on Terror Mountain.
TCG Cards - Virtual versions of real life cards, these can be collected, but are very rare. Can only be won using Rare Item Codes found in new packages of Neopets Trading Card Game cards.
Trading Cards - Can be put on display so that other users who visit your user lookup can see them. Can be purchased from the Trading Card Collector's Shop.
Usuki/Quiguki - Dolls and accessories that are collected by some users. Can be purchased at the Usukiland Store or won from some contests.
Weapons - Used in the Battledome to damage, freeze, poison, or alter your opponent, or erase or temporarily steal their weapons.