Fyora's Feast of the Faeries

The Feast of the Faeries is now over, thanks for playing!

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There were six guests in total who attended the Feast of the Faeries, aside from Fyora, of course...

The Soup Faerie

The Soup Faerie is a kind and gentle soul. Unlike the other Faeries, she cares very little for her own appearance, preferring to spend her time helping the starving pets of Neopia. Any pet she comes across who is malnourished will be given free food and a warm bed until they are ready to brave the world. You can bet she was especially generous today...

The Space Faerie

Living amongst the stars, the Space Faerie rarely visits Neopia. She will only do so in case of an utmost emergency, or in this case, the most extravagant of affairs!

Taelia the Snow Faerie

Living amidst the harsh climate of Terror Mountain, Taelia is always in need of spell ingredients. Unfortunately, most people fail to complete her quests, so she made sure she brought some great gifts to this event.

Jhuidah the Island Faerie

Jhuidah runs the local Cooking Pot, a magical artifact that can combine two items together to make something special. Jhuidah is rumoured to have cooked up some great items for this year's celebration.

Jhudora the Dark Faerie

Jhudora is well aware that Fyora watches her closely, so she must be both cunning and cautious to avoid unpleasant accusations... From her throne on a purple cloud that floats on the outskirts of Faerieland, Jhudora commands an army of minions who have sworn undying loyalty to her... whether it be by their free will or not. I wonder what she plans to bring...

Illusen the Earth Faerie

No one knows why Illusen moved to Meridell, although a few have their suspicions. Some say she left voluntarily, tired of the squabbling politics of the Faerie Queen's court. Others say the Dark Faeries forced her from Faerieland... led by Jhudora, of course. Fyora is interested to see what Illusen brings to this year's feast...


Each of the six honoured guests at the party received an extra special concoction from one of the other guests, and here they are...

Jhudora mixed this cocktail up especially for one of this feasts guests...
Jhudoras Magical Cocktail
Jhuidah made a slight alteration to one of her recipies to make this brew...
Elixir of Omniscience
This marshmallow has been fitted with a special transmitter that can be used to contact the Space Faerie.
Magical Marshmallow Grundo
This secret blend can keep even the most frigid souls warm indefinitely.
Taelia's Secret Snow Soup
The Soup Faerie has specially prepared this meal for the Feast of the Faeries.
Mysterious Tomato Soup
No matter how much you eat, it magically replenishes itself!
Leaf Taco


Each of the six party guests was given a different avatar!

Free Jhuidah
Space Faerie
Snow Faerie

Kind Faerie

Illusen Doll


Each of the six party guests gave one of the other guests a special Petpet!

 This mischievous little fellow was one of Jhudora's favorites...
Part Uggatrip, part Mazzew.
 The Space Faerie found this little guy floating around the vast space near Kreludor one day.
Taellia found him on top of her igloo and just had to adopt him.
Kadoatie is what we like to call a pain in the neck. When it is bedtime and the lights go out, the Kadoatie cries continuously until you turn them back on. I hope you like to sleep with the lights on.
Illusen brought this little fellow all the way from Meridell. He's a bit energetic for her tastes, but she's certain the other faeries will adore him.


Regular plushies are fun, but magical plushies are EXTRA fun...

This doll has been enfused with Jhudora's dark powers. There's no telling what it's capable of.
Magical Jhudora Doll
This is no ordinary doll. Mix it with any plushie at the Cooking Pot and the plushie will become real!
Magical Jhuidah Doll
Squeeze this doll and a burst of twinkling stars will magically appear!
Magical Space Faerie Doll
If you press her hand, music begins to play and it will start to snow out :)
Magical Taellia Doll
Holding this doll greatly increases the odds of a good Random Event.
Magical Soup Faerie Doll
This beautiful faerie doll looks just like Illusen! Rumour has it that its presence can make nearby plantlife fourish!
Magical Illusen Doll


These items are even more powerful than their less-magical counterparts...

Supposedly, Jhudora made this especially for Illusen... how sweet...
Mysterious Lollipop
A beautiful swirling wonder that can detect the presence of evil. Very handy when you fight for good.
Enchanted Crystal Apple
Even more powerful than the original, this particular wand attacks, defends, and heals every turn.
Space Faeries Wand
Taellia brought this item to the Feast of the Faeries to keep her cool until she left for home. It works in the Battledome, too!
Magical Frost Crown
The Soup Faerie has packed a lot of attack into this little pea of hers.
Soup Pea of Infinite Attack
Illusen blessed this comb with special powers... when carried into the Battledome, it'll entangle the user for the rest of the battle. Take that, Jhudora!
Enchanted Leaf Comb


Since it was a party to celebrate Fyora, she was given the opportunity to exchange six items of her own for six of her favorite items from the gift swap.

If your Neopet eats this, all of his or her stats will increase by 100, but so will their weight...
Fyora Sundae
Give your opponent the chills time and time again with this frost covered scroll. Multiple use.
Scroll of Infinite Freezing
This little fellow was one of Fyora's favorites. She gave one just like it to Prince Raptor...
Faerie Niptor
Anyone with this avatar is granted unlimited access to the Rainbow Fountain in Faerieland.
Magical Fountain Avatar
Wow, the Faerie Queen Doll is SO pretty, and her eyes glow when you squeeze her! Wait... what's that in her eyes?
Magical Faerie Queen Doll
This item can be used to cloak the user and make them invisible to the minions of evil.
Fyoras Enchanted Fog

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