Fyora's Feast of the Faeries

The Feast of the Faeries is now over, thanks for playing!

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The Faerie Queen's Reward

For solving this puzzle, the Queen of Faeries will pay the sum of 650,000 NP from the vaults of the Hidden Tower in Mirror World.

What does this mean?

The first 50 people to get the correct answer BEFORE THE END OF FYORA DAY on Thursday, June 2nd will be given 10,000 Neopoints each. And, for the first 3 people to finish, Fyora will award a hefty Neopoint bonus...

Only 23 people were able to successfully complete this puzzle, so they will split the prize fund! And, as with all Neopets Hive contests, a portion of the proceeds (65,000 NP) will be donated to the Money Tree! And, since so few people succeeded, we will award all 23 participants with a special gift from Mirror Fyora that they can put on their user lookup or Pet Lookup pages...