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Earlier in 2005, Faerieland disappeared. In its place, a dark cloud appeared and provided very limited access to the world it had replaced. Not long afterwards, faeries started getting sick... very sick...

First there was Fyora, the Queen of Faeries, who was almost completely zombified by some mysterious plague. Later, the Space Faerie appeared in stone form in the Ruins of Maraqua, whilst the Soup Faerie was completely overcome by the Zombie Plague. Not long after, Jhuidah was found in a fish bowl... shrunken once again by powerful dark magic. Hundreds of miles away at the exact same time, King Skarl and King Hagan vanished without a trace, as did access to Old and New Maraqua and the inside of Sutek's Tomb. And the final victim was the Snow Faerie, Taelia... corrupted by an evil unseen and unheard...

Illusen is one of the few faeries powerful enough to stop what's begun, but she will need your help. Can you save Mirror World once again?