Newbie : n. Slang - One that is new to something, especially a novice at using computer technology or the Internet.
NOTE: Not to be confused with -
n00b : n. Slang - One that does or says something that only a novice would do or say, regardless of experience.

    Welcome to Version 2 of our Newbie's Guide to If you're a new player, or if you just need a refresher course in the way certain aspects of the Neopets site work, then this is one of the best places to check! We hope this Newbie Guide helps you out!

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    Lastly, a little request from the Neopets community- if someone says that you can win items or Neopoints by sending a message via Neomails or posting a message on the Neoboards ten times, they are lying and by doing this your account may be frozen! The Neopets Team will NEVER add a feature like this to the site. Also, remember that you should NEVER give ANYONE your password. Otherwise, your account could get hacked and all of your items and Neopoints (and Neopets) could be lost, and your account could be frozen.


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